Well well well. GUESS who made plans with me, who called me all day long to confirm said plans, then said he would call me later after he ran some errands and I went to the gym? Yup. MotorcycleInstructor. And it’s now 10:53, and here I sit, home, alone, on my night of “plans” with MotorcycleInstructor. Safe to say, this is over. Or it will be the next time I talk to him. Keep in mind that my test is Tuesday morning and then once I pass, I will officially have no use for him anymore. It would benefit me to wait to have this conversation with him until after, but I probably can’t. The next time he calls, it’s over. Besides, I can’t take this crap when I have other men waiting in the wings!

As it turns out, I spent two hours on the phone with DamascusBoy tonight. He’s “threatening” to come out to the beach this weekend to find me. Hmm. Don’t worry Sara, it’s still a girls weekend, I promise.

All right, back to my dog and the T.V. Gotta see if there are any new developments in all these missing persons cases. I think there are more people missing than accounted for.

By the way, those Thyroid tests came back normal. So the doctor says I’m normal, other than the fact that I don’t feel normal. I’m constantly sick to my stomach and still have varying degrees of dizziness and feeling faint. Let’s not forget the crushing pains in my chest that honestly make me feel death is imminent. The doctor told me to wait two weeks and if I don’t feel better to call him back. I told my friend SarcasticGayMan today in an email that so much of modern medicine is the medical version of the IT desk’s “shut down and reboot.” They don’t really know what’s wrong, can’t fix it per se, but hope that by starting over again, you will be normal this time.

Those of us reading my blog know that I’m ANYTHING but normal…