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All The Roads That Lead Us There Are Winding

Just so we’re clear. You know who you are and today you get your own entry. It is the first and last time I shall dedicate an entry to one person:

I don’t know that you fully understand this situation with the blog. It is serious to me, and the reason that long ago when I gave BoyFace the address of the blog I seriously regretted it and ended up changing the address.

The blog stops being honest if someone I’m dating is also reading it. {Or, if someone who is reading the blog wants to date me.} The rule has been and will always be, “any man I’m dating or sleeping with, or have plans to date or sleep with will never know about the blog.”

I spend so many hours in my day giving thoughful consideration to what I’m going to write. The irony in all of this is that people who are so seemingly “significant” in my life, i.e. MotorcycleInstructor, {for right now} don’t know that the blog exists. And never will. Since you know of its existence and read it daily, I’m afraid I can’t ever possibly date you.

Velvet in Dupont

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  1. Berk

    damn. can we at least watch porn together?

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