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I Don’t Believe That Anybody Feels The Way I Do About You Now

It was a good run. It was really only a matter of time. I just didn’t expect it to happen twice in one weekend.

Friday night I went to the gym before I was to pick up my friend from the airport for her weekend visit. So I walk in to the gym and who do I see but the one that got away. Or something like that. I adored this man so much that I was practically tongue tied when he called or when we dated. How annoying and how unlike me. And he never knew…at least I don’t think he was suspicious. I never called him, I never initiated any dates, never seemed more than “casually cool.” Last winter, our dating and such seemed to pick up speed and intensity (he wanted me to join him in Miami for a weekend, was the first to email me when I was in Italy, came to get my drunken ass at BestGuyFriend-M’s New Year’s Party) but it died off in January. I suspect he got back with an old girlfriend, but we never had a final conversation about it. Let me make it perfectly clear how I felt (and still feel) about him. This is the first and only man who I have ever felt I could marry and never ever look back and wonder if there is anything better out there.

So there he is, on the elliptical across from me and facing the other way. And there I am, sneaking peeks at how much time he has left in the workout so I can dodge him until he leaves. Yes everyone, yours truly, Velvet the superdater, was hiding behind weight stacks and cardio machines to avoid him. Success! He left the gym and I watched from the window as he walked across the street, back to his condo. I am really psycho.

It was great to see my friend and have a weekend alone with her to shop and drink and talk about the old days when, well, I was a dedicated girlfriend to AtlantaBoy and she was a not-so-dedicated girlfriend to her bevy of boyfriends. Sunday, we were in Georgetown shopping, and we had parked right on M Street. We got in the car around 5:00 to leave and I’m trying to make a right on Wisconsin and this guy jumps off the sidewalk and right in front of my car to get around the mass of people. It’s the dude from the gym. Christ. What have I done to deserve this? Of course he sees me, I drive a one-of-a-kind-color type of car. So I wave and he comes up to the car. My friend got to meet him which was so funny for her to actually meet him after all that time of hearing the stories. We had an awkward conversation for a couple of minutes where he asked me about my new place and that was all. Then we said goodbye and I drove off. Damn. Damn Damn Damn.

BestGuyFriend-M met us for dinner and he said that it was fate. If I had just dealt with seeing him at the gym, it would have been fine. But noooooooo, I had to tempt fate and end up practically running him over. For the record, that would have been fine by me. Then I could stop comparing every man I meet to him.


  1. DireWolf

    if you’re still into him, why not ask him out again? see if there’s any there there.

  2. Velvet

    It’s more than that I suppose…I fell head over heels in love with him. All my dating rules and games are off when it comes to him. I have no idea how to behave, but truly believe that if he wanted to reconnect, he would make the effort. I guess it would be too painful to try to contact him only to find out he wants nothing to do with me.

  3. A Unique Alias

    “All my dating rules and games are off when it comes to him.”

    Sounds perfect.

  4. Jamy

    But then you would know and I always find that comforting. Wouldn’t knowing make it easier to move on?

  5. your greek friend

    Hi VELVET – I say call him in a “it was great to see you what’s been going on just saying hi” kind of casual way.

    See you at lunch tomorrow.


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