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I Might Be The Reason She’s Been Searching Her Whole Life

It wasn’t much, but it was very telling. Read into it, or not, as you wish.

“If I messed this up, it would have to be a masterpiece, because the blog is like the blueprint. It’s like saying ‘put that wall here, put this window there.'”

Is the blog really a Velvet instruction manual? Can just anyone read what is here, make sense of it, and change their behaviors accordingly? Is that possible? And if it is possible, could I just print what’s here, post it in various places online and in the newspaper and invite one and all to come date me?

Now that you are reading, are you planning out your play-by-play of what you are doing with me?

I had a fantasy that it was me playing with everyone else. But now, is this your way to play with me?

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  1. Anonymous

    Please make sure that everyone buys my book, “Quotes For You, But Mostly just ME — A Littany of Lines Used to Woo Velvet” by The Bartender. Now, the bartender will revert to speaking of himself in the third person. Does the bartender enjoy having his witicism spread all over the internet? From my exp. with the bartender, “Yes” would be an appropiate answer. Although, he would rather you join him at his bar so he can be paid for previously said wit. Then again the bartender is extremely lazy this time of year and would rather dedicate his time at work to drinking and playing cards. The only words that are formed during this period is slander and sarcasm for his playing patner.

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