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You’re So Vain, I Bet You Think This Blog Is About You

My dog has officially become as narcissistic as a good majority of the men I have dated.

I wonder what he’s thinking about. Maybe he was about to french kiss the mirror when I walked in.


  1. Washington Cube

    He’s showing the other puppy what he has. Surprisingly, the other puppy can do the same trick.

  2. I-66

    Ah yes… one of my dogs has a diva complex – it was cemented when we saw her looking at herself in the mirror. We imagine she sounds like a singer/actress when she freaks out about something: “no pictures please”, “where are my handlers?!” etc.

  3. Sharkbait

    Love it.

    He’s probably sorry you caught him when you walked in!

  4. Jo

    awwww… wook at da widdle puppy wuppy… who’s da coootest puppy wuppy in the whole wide world?

    Ummm… sorry… apparently I’m missing my pets… lol

  5. AsianMistress

    Awww puuupppyyyyy

  6. Crazy Girl City

    Gawd this is cute!

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