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My Fantasy Has Turned To Madness

Since I seem to be running out of men, I posted another Craigslist ad at 5:00 Wednesday night. I texted CL#3TextTormenter and said I couldn’t make it. I got incredibly tired and just didn’t feel like leaving the house, and eventually, my bed. I fell asleep at 6:00 and woke up at 8:00. And I had 26 messages in my inbox from Craigslist. One was an old email from the elusive CL#2BlueEyes, and yes, he still wants to meet. He’s very hot. I still want to meet too.

To answer Rhinestone Cowgirl’s question, I never told CL#1Writer that he was out. I should have, and I felt bad about it, until oh, about 10:00 p.m. when I was in the midst of writing back to some amazingly hot men who contacted me and a new message popped into my inbox from, you guessed it. CL#1Writer. So, he’s looking for chemistry (aren’t we all?) and he said my ad sounded wonderful, blah blah blah. So, he’s fine. He’ll live.

I am really surprised that the week between Christmas and New Years has yielded some of these fine specimens, but it has. I’m up to about 45 emails as of 11:00 p.m. Wednesday night, answered almost all of them, if only to say to some that they aren’t my type. And there you have it. I’m in full on email convos with a man with a six pack (not the kind you buy at a liquor store,) a man who looks like he just fell out of a British rock band, another who wrote all the same stuff about himself that I would have written I would be looking for, another who looks like Tom Cruise but hopefully less crazy. So we’ll see what the next few days bring.


  1. trueborn

    Hopefully the Tom Cruise will be taller too. That dude is an Umpa Lumpa.

  2. I-66

    “…another who looks like Tom Cruise but hopefully less crazy.”

    And less alien and less gay.

  3. Johnny

    you know the standard op for men replying to CL is to write:

    “you sound hot. i want 2 pork u in the colon and cum on your face…”

    then, hmmm, maybe I should rewrite that.

    “i like long walks on the beach and fine dining”

    [on your cooter!]


  4. Kristin

    Amazingly hot single men in DC? Online? Midweek between Christmas and NY? Have you delved into fiction?

    If anybody’s going to find them, it will be you.

  5. Larissa

    maybe the Tom Cruisey will ‘jump the couch’ about how much he likes you 😉

  6. Sub Girl

    i concur–i think only velvet has the mad skills to be able to find these hot, single, straight DC men, in the middle of the holiday season!

  7. trueborn

    My latest post was Velvet inspired, something about drunk dialing and calling in the middle of the night. Here’s hoping someone out there is reading it.

  8. alwayswrite

    Pace yourself, girl. When you start making cheat sheets, you’re in over your head.

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