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Go Crazy On You

Dear Female Friends:

This man is certifiably insane. Do not date him.

He is a Craigslister Gone Crazy. He sent me an email with this picture attached and said, “Quick, don’t think. Just send a pic.” So Velvet complies, and he writes back and says, “You’re cute. IM me at XXXX.”

I send him an IM explaining who I am and why my IM id is different from my email and he says, “What can I do for you?” I said, “You just sent me an email 3 minutes ago telling me to IM you. So I’m IM’ing you.” Then he tells me I’m “Fucking clueless and a lier.” Yes, he spelled liar like that. This madness went on for a minute and I said, “Look, you fucking told me to IM you so I did. If you are going to call someone a liar, at least learn how to fucking spell it.” Then I logged out. But he squeezed one quick message in that said “ok, bye.”

Why are these crazy people out walking our streets? It’s scary. Well, he was one of my 5 hot men, so he’s out. Down to 4.


  1. Sharkbait

    Bummer…and love that you post his pic too!!

    And why do I not have your IM name? I would like to be in the cool club!

  2. Velvet

    Sharkie – I don’t use IM. I log in about once a month.

    I say, “Fuck him.” If he’s going to be a psycho, he’s going to get his picture posted.

  3. Kristin

    Damn, he is hot. Has he recently sustained a head injury? What? Three minutes ago? I didn’t send a message three minutes ago… what was I saying? Who are you?

  4. AsianMistress

    He is hot and I would contact him too.

    Too bad.

  5. DC Cookie

    I bet a friend or ex-lover was playing a mean mean trick on him…

  6. trueborn

    He’s married.

  7. Velvet

    AM – Tell everyone now. You DID contact him.

    Cookie – Hard to say. But could be. He half acted like he knew me – but he seemed more mad that my IM name came up different than my fake email name.

    Trueborn – Either married, or out to cause trouble. But shit, he contacted me. I didn’t write to him. I haven’t written to any of these men.

  8. Jo

    Dude, that’s so sad. He’s kinda cute and all.

  9. Siryn

    sounds more like the dude is a mental midget if he couldn’t figure out who you were since he had just told you to IM him.

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