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So Let’s Draw The Blinds, Forget Wasted Time, Let Them Old Demons Die

Just like with my real birthdays, I was going to let my blogiversary go by unmentioned. Seems as though I got in just under the wire though, as the minutes tick away to midnight.

I thought about this one year milestone a few times over the past few months. I was going to post something totally out of character for me, but then with recent events occuring to both a bloggie friend in Canada (SJ shout out sans link) and a bloggie friend in D.C., I thought perhaps it was best to not be too salacious. Blogging and being honest has gotten some of us into lots of trouble.

So, today’s was to be a wholesome post, if any. That said, today I ventured out at lunch with my eye on picking up ONE THING. But I made a detour. Oops, is all I have to say. Let’s see…

Okay. I know what you’re saying. Damn Velvet isn’t going to tell us what’s inside the bag? Let’s take a look. Sammy? Do you want to do the honors?

Sammy! That is not for you!!!
Sammy: “Damn right bitch. You know I prefer crotchless!”

Awww….Thora got herself a pair of angel panties.

A mass explosion of bras and panties. Everywhere.

The real teacher’s pet in this room is not one of the dogs. It’s these ruffley pups. Aah, the plans I have for you…
Heh. Okay. Just a little salacious. Happy Blogiversary to me. Yes…that’s my ass.

I know, I started as a dating blog. I haven’t given up. Even though I’m in a dating coma, I’ll be ready for him, whenever he happens along.



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  1. Buggie

    This might sound weird… No, it will sound weird, but you have a cute bottom.

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