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You Know I Never…I Never Seen You Look So Good

My my my. The years have been kind to you Bret Michaels. How I still love thee.

Lucky I stocked up on undies at Victoria’s Secret, cause these are a mess. Straight to the stage trash with you.


Come to Velvet. I have some things to show you. It won’t hurt. I promise.

Full update found on my SourNSweet guest post.

Also a First Date DC guest post today as well.

No, I’m not systematically shutting down and posting elsewhere. I’m still trying to figure out what to do. It’s definitely a problem having someone you are dating also reading your blog. A huge problem. I woke up this morning realizing that one of those things will have to come to an end. Quickly. I just don’t know which one yet. Back to la la land. Bret..mmm…



  1. KassyK

    Ok, I am not into blondes or super long hair(Although I do like a shag on a guy)but he IS still looking fine. Heading to check out your guest post. 🙂

  2. prncess674

    He is seriously going bald under that do-rag. Didn’t you see the “Behind the Music” on VH-1? There is one shot sans hat and do-rag and there is some serious skin on top of that head.

  3. Velvet

    KK – I forgot to mention that. I’ve never dated a blonde. There’s just something about him.

    Prncess – No, I did NOT see that Behind the Music. I saw one they made years back, when C.C. was in rehab or trying to get better or whatever. But not recently. I can’t watch VH1 and MTV anymore, they are too much with the reality show, too little with the music and music related shows.

  4. cosmic shambles

    Ahhh, the old cowboy hat trick again. I’m gonna have to remember that one. I bet if you were dating ‘ol Bret he would not mind your blogging. Heck, he’d probably be too busy banging other chicks!


  5. cosmic shambles

    Princess: You are so right… any guy who does that do-rag thing is definitely hiding something. “Don’t need na-thin’, but a good-time…”

  6. Siryn

    Doo-rags and airbrushing are a guy’s best friend. That picture with the rip curl t-shirt and cowboy hat? Too “perfect”.

    He’s not necessarily my speed, but the years have been much kinder to him than to others.

  7. Sweet

    Thanks again for the guest post dahlin’ and last night was rockin’! It’s not everyday that I’m smack dab in the middle of those kind of folks. An experience indeed!

  8. raincouver

    Hmmm… I see you like the rugged type. But is there not a better pic? Even for rugged, this dude looks kinda soft. And greasy.

    Sorry, sorry, just my humble opinion!

  9. Needtsza

    Mine will be up tonight. Sorry to say I missed getting a photo of him riding his bike around the VIP lot with some hottie on the back, but I did YOU TUBE a song and get some good pics. Nothing as close as these, but still…and what a great show.

    I’ll tell ya when everything is up. I’ve just been swamped today

  10. Anonymous

    Brett has a home in Phoenix

  11. Velvet

    Hyperventilating at anon. How dare you not give me his address so I can stalk him? Okay, okay, you’ve just given me yet another reason to move there. I think Jenna Jameson and Stevie Nicks also live there, making it a complete Velvet circle of people I worship.

    Needtsza – Um. Motorcycle? Parking Lot? Damn!!!!

    Rain – It’s ok. I didn’t ask you to get dirty with him. I was going to do that. No matter if he showers. I’m a groupie-wannabe.

    Sweet – That crowd was hilarious.

    Siryn – Underneath it all, he was always a good looking guy. Not like some of the other ones. Ugh. Has anyone seen Skid Row lately?

    Cosmic – Don’t rain on my parade!

  12. johnny

    Every rose has his thorn, Velvet! muhaha

  13. Ryane

    Brett, Jon, Sebastian, Vince…the whole gang of 80’s pop metal gods…sigh. What a great post…

  14. Dawn

    I’m going to see him on Nov 10th and just wanted to see anything on him from today. He really hasn’t changed that much! When I saw CC on TV, he’s really aged so I half expected Brett to be nasty. Not so, pleased to see.

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