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D.C. Cops ~ Too Lazy to Drive Themselves?

Cop Cars.jpg

A tractor trailer full of cop cars on 495 this morning. Wonder where they are off to? Are they broken and on their way to the shop? Brand new and being put in service? Tough to say. Hope if they are on their way to the shop that the mechanic is ready to unclog all the spare donut crumbs from various crevices in the car. Oh, that’s just silly. We all know that any responsible D.C. cop would never ever let a crumb escape their clutches. A criminal escaping, now, that’s a whole other story.


  1. NR

    I stopped at a local shopping center the other day and I saw no fewer than four Montgomery County Police cars in the parking lot.

    “I wonder if someone got robbed,” I think.

    Nope. There were a bunch of cops just sitting in the Starbucks. Just sittin’ there. See thats the difference between D.C. cops and Montgomery County cops. Ours can afford Starbucks coffee and scones.

  2. I-66

    My believe each car needs its suspension repaired after having had to support so many out of shape police officers.

  3. I-66

    er, I believe. Whatever.

  4. Rachel

    Ha Ha.. that is a great photo.
    Since they sit at the donut shop all day they probably have a layer of grease that has to be powerwashed off of everything.

  5. Barbara

    As we came out of Casbah in G’town after dinner last Friday night, we saw a DC Cop cruiser parked and running, while its occupants sat inside and downed kabobs. It was a K-9 car, but it was not a hot night, and I would imagine a cracked window would have given those doggies all they fresh air they needed. DC tax dollars at work…

  6. homeimprovementninja

    I saw a couple of Cops (in uniform) checking out the Kung Fu DVDs in the store I posted about recently. I knew they had some good ones there (like Executions from Shaolin and Return to the 36th Chamber), but I kept my mouth shut and let him buy crap like the Bruce Li and Bruce Le movies.

  7. Needtsza

    I don’t think I’ve met (online) a person that hates cops as much as I do!

    well, at least the way they don’t protect, except donuts, nor serve, except tickets.

  8. Drunken Chud

    i so badly want to steal one of those cop cars. no real reason, just, sounds like fun.

  9. Living in Dupont

    Love the pic for this one.

    My only thought on catching criminals vs catching crumbs would be, you know, criminals move and all – how annoying must that be?

  10. Luck O' the Irish

    Maybe the radars were jammed!

  11. Siryn

    This stuff keeps writing itself. Love it!

  12. Old Lady

    You are so bad!

  13. ashburnite

    damn…I-66 beat me to the punch about the shocks being shot from all the donut-asses!!

    damn you, 66!!!

  14. Washington Cube

    The best I ever saw was a uniformed female cop looking at garter belts in the former Dream Dresser in Georgetown.

  15. NR

    “Maybe the radars were jammed!”

    “Only one man would dare give me the rasberry…Lonestar!”

    God, I love Spaceballs.

  16. Sweet

    Funny. I saw the same thing recently and almost snapped a picture too!

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