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My Heart’s Like an Open Book, For the Whole World to Read

In the last three weeks, my life has done several major tailspins. Usually, writing about what is going on provides a sense of relief. I’ve been holding back on all of this because, well, it’s just become incredibly difficult to live my life online in this manner. Too many paths cross in a city this small, and sometimes I’d really rather everyone and their mother not know my business.

When something major happens to me, I feel an obligation to spill it here. Let me clarify that – it’s not an obligation to you all, it’s an obligation to myself. To sit here, and pen my thoughts, and give them the time they deserve so I can properly decide how best to react – that’s my obligation. Lately I haven’t felt like doing this, and I refuse to fill a blog with bullshit posting of things that don’t follow the focus of what Velvet in Dupont was created for: “Mostly dating but sometimes life in Dupont Circle.” If it doesn’t make it through the Velvet Quality Control team (uh, that’s just me really) I don’t hit publish.

Bear with me. I’m not shutting down. When life rains down change (expected, unexpected, wanted, unwanted) in all major areas of your life (career, romance, homelife, personal goals) it’s a lot to manage. I’m just biding my time until I figure all this out, and until I can get myself to a place where I can and want to put it into words.


  1. freckledk

    Take all the time you need, and good luck with everything you’ve got going on. I’ll look forward to your Homecoming.

  2. Caribbean Lurker

    I admire the fact that you’re able to write your soul out when so many people know your identity. Only one person I know knows of my blog, one of my best friends, and sometimes I feel intimidated to write something because of that.
    Take your time, clear your thoughts. We’ll be waiting.

  3. Dan

    You could do a post about how sexy you think short, hairy Jewish men are. I’d read about that…

  4. Nikki

    Yep, take all the time that you need, we will be here, no matter what the posts are about!

    I think freckledk said it best; “looking forward to your Homecoming” 🙂

  5. minijonb

    I’ll be obssesively and compusively checking your blog eagerly awaiting your return. Enjoy your haitus.

  6. marie

    I understand, but still 🙁

  7. Bill

    It’s nothing short of a miracle that you manage as you do. Though I will miss you, I know you must need some time for yourself. It’s not up to me to say “take all the time you need” because it’s your time to begin with. You have generously shared it with us, and I hope you will again one day. In the meantime, Velvet, please take good care of yourself. My thoughts are with you.

  8. NR

    You know, when life starts getting me down I have a simple solution that gets me through the days. I post naked pictures of myself all over the internet.

    Seriously though, relax and regroup. We’ll all be here when you’re ready for crazy dates and sexy parties again.

  9. flic

    You’re using language for what it’s for. That’s the main thing. Whether it’s online or offline. It all depends on what you want in return.

  10. Ashburnite

    if you need to talk (outside of the blog), let me know. I’m all ears. muah!

  11. playfulindc

    Meat, like blog posts, is often better when it has time to marinate.


  12. Drunken Chud

    post naughty pictures and i will be silent. for about 2 minutes at a time. 3-5 times a day. heh.

  13. KassyK

    You know if you need anything I am here. I feel you…my 2006 has been surreal to say the least and while I probably can’t relate to everything… in terms of a tailspin–I get you. XO

  14. NR

    I was listening to mw mp3 player and Hard-Fi’s “Living for the Weekend” (Star’s of CCTV is a so-so album with a couple of catchy songs). These lyrics just jumped out at me.

    Working all the time
    Work is such a bind
    Got some money to spend
    Living for the weekend
    When it gets too much
    I live for the rush
    Got some money to spend
    Living for the weekend

    Have a good weekend!

  15. scarlet

    Don’t worry about it. You know we’re all here now and will be when you’re ready to write about it.

  16. bejeweled

    Hey, no rushes. I know how it feels to have all kinds of emotions built up but not sure how to put them all out there. Write what you want, when you can. You’ll know when it’s right to write something meaningful and with purpose. I know I’ll read whatever you put down in writing! Hope you get back up and running soon! j.

  17. playfulindc

    OH wait…for you I should have said tofu…

  18. NR

    Does one marinate tofu? I don’t understand meat substitutes. If you want meat eat meat. If you want to be a vegetarian eat vegetables. You don’t see rabbits eating Boca Burgers, do you?

    No really, do you? That would be a neat picture. Hang in there, bunny!

  19. Law-Rah

    As long as you still come drinking I will understand;-)

  20. Paige Jennifer

    Tailspins are a good enough reason to lay low and regroup – even if it means we have to find subpar entertainment on the side to tie us over (sigh). Good luck un-spinning those tails!

  21. kokonutz

    Good luck and remember to do what is best for you, damn the critics and torpedos.

  22. Living in Dupont

    You’ll be missed, but enjoy the time away, it’s understandable. Sometimes it’s easy to forget how public these things are until it suddenly hits us over the head.

  23. LadyDiDC

    Aw girl, we are gonna miss you! But needing a break is understandable. We’ll be ready and waiting for your return. And Dan, I love ’em short, hairy and Jewish. No kidding – my last three boyfriends could all be described that way. My friends make fun of me because they know my “type” now. So that’s a post I would not only read, but could write!

  24. Wicked H

    As you can see you will be missed. We will patiently await your return. Until then, hope it all sorts out well……..

  25. QueenofPreen

    Take time for yourself Velvet and don’t apologize for putting yourself first, ever. Not enough people do that. 🙂
    See you when you’re back!

  26. Glitterati

    Awaiting your return with patience and supportive pom-poms! Take care while you’re gone!

  27. DCOE

    I hope your hiatus isn’t too long! 🙂

  28. Needtsza

    As long as you stay in touch.

    Meanwhile, you’ve really got me thinking about my own blog and finally finding some kinda focus.

    A good post. Even when you say nothing, you say a lot.


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