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Love is Believing, But You Let Me Down

I had a FUCKING GREAT post tonight. I mean, really truly great. And now it’s trumped by this information:

I was just walking the doggies and we took an extra long walk – a rare event for the last walk of the night. Though, if I had retreated home when I originally wanted (10:00 instead of 10:15) then, Sammy would not have gotten out that last poop and I wouldn’t have seen Sherlock driving by my house.

Again. Sherlock driving by my house.

I do feel like sending a text that says: “Since you can’t honor boundaries, and acknowledge the no-stalk zone of 17th Street, I’m not going to honor proper break up rules. Consider this your notice.”

The thing is, I’ve been stalked before by TheCop. So I am never surprised by what men are capable of doing (women too) but it doesn’t mean that I actually believe it will go as far as it does. Showing up at Citron was by far the scariest thing that has happened in the Sherlock stalking show. It’s the delusional “I thought you saw me, I thought you smiled at me” crap that reeks of TheCop, whose real name is Nick, because who the fuck cares now? Password! HA!

Anyway, I genuinely feel bad that he feels he has to behave like this. I know if I would just talk to him it would all go away. I went out the other night and drove by his house (I was going in that direction) and yeah, I looked up to see if he was home (he wasn’t) but, then I thought, “What the hell would I do if he saw me?” That thought alone was enough to get me the hell off his street and on to a parallel one.

In other news, yesterday was Thora’s birthday. She’s seven. My little girl is all grown up!


  1. la whisky

    Ugh. Remember the band-aid metaphor? It seems scary so you put off its removal, but the pain is over with immediately and forgotten quickly. The guy is screwed up, but somewhere in his screwed-up head he must care about you and so I wouldn’t want for him to suffer longer than he deserves (and it seems he did deserve to suffer a bit). If you’re quite sure you’re done then finish him off. I went out with a guy on Saturday that you might like – tall, cute, fit and appears to be emotionally healthy…

    In any case, sending you good karma.

  2. Not So Little Woman

    Oy Velv. I echo lawhisky: sending you good karma.

  3. Siryn

    As a friend of mine recently told me: Be Nike.

    Just do it.

  4. Red

    You will always have us! (*crooked smile*)
    Drinking, at the HH, on Friday will help.

    Happy Birthday Thora!

  5. Wicked H

    I agree with all the above, it’s time. He is not capable of changing therefore abiding the rules.

    Rip that bandaid off.

    Happy Birthday Thora!! Many, many happy more.

  6. marie

    Sounds like he’s getting desperate.. it’s kind of sad, actually..
    If you’re really going to break things off with him, I’d recommend doing it soon (for your sake and his)
    but wait.. what was the trumped post about?

  7. freckledk

    As soon as you do it, you are going to feel as if a huge weight has been lifted. And I would love to take you out again to see if we can find another huge weight to replace it 🙂

  8. playfulinnc

    Scary. Take the power back immediately.

    Oh, and please tell Thora that Aunt Shannon owes her a swim in the OBX for a belated b-day gift. She’s my favorite swimming buddy!

  9. Tacoma

    Happy B-Day Thora! Lots of love from the Tacoma Dog family (Minnie, Twiggy, Pinky, Elsie and Rio).

    Dump the chump, pull the bandaid, drop the weight!

  10. Velvet

    Guys. It seems as though somehow he has the password. I’m not sure how. But he sent Thora a happy birthday email as well as sending me two disturbing emails that have had me crying all afternoon. I’m changing the password and drilling down the list again. Back to square one.

  11. barbara

    DO IT SOON! Happy birthday to Thora from Jake and Dylan (who is still with us miraculously as he eats million-dollar Rx food.)

    Please send me the password if you change it.

  12. AussieEm

    VELVET! This top post appears to be unprotected. The other ones are all password locked but this one isn’t. You may want to fix this asap.

    I thought it might be an intentional public post, but:

    “…whose real name is Nick, because who the fuck cares now? Password! HA!”

    makes me think not. OOPS!

  13. AussieEm

    haha oops. False alarm there folks. This is what happens when you don’t understand how computers work!

    In other news, Mr Mercedes and Gizmo normally do *not* talk to dogs, however upon their mum’s request they are begrudgingly sending on Happy Birthday wishes to Thora too. 🙂

  14. la whisky

    Very disturbing on several levels. Do what you have to.

  15. bejeweled

    Oh boy…. what can we say V? He’s still stuck in that mindset that he could win you back… by driving by your house. Um, ya, I think not. Bummer about him getting your password. Either someone gave him the slip or he broke in, and I’m leaning towards the latter. Psycho behavior #1 and #2…. let’s hope there’s not a 3rd.

    BTW, happy B-day to your puppy. Yes, I say puppy b/c he’ll always be your baby 😉

  16. freckledk

    So, he’s violated you yet again. Good lord.

    I’m sorry…here if you need me!

  17. Siryn

    He just gave you a window of opportunity to break it off. Please tell me you took it!

    He is not worth your tears.

  18. Velvet

    Just b/c you don’t think he’s worth my tears doesn’t mean that this isn’t upsetting.

  19. KassyK

    Oh man, I am with FreckledK–I think he should have his “name” changed from Sherlock to the “Emotional Violator”…argh I’m sorry and on a belated note…happy bday Thora.

    Hang in there sugar…this is REALLY upsetting, I would be just where you are.

  20. I-66

    Upsetting, yes. Disconcerting, yes. I’ve got all kinds of adjectives.

    Thinking of you.

  21. Tacoma

    Aw Velvet, we were just giddy about a possible dumping, I’m sorry for the pressure I gave, you do stuff as you need to. No rush, follow the signs.

  22. Not So Little Woman

    I completely agree with Velvet. Tears have nothing to do with the other person’s “worthiness”. When it sucks, it sucks and if it hurts, it hurts.

  23. freckledk

    Sending you big X’s and O’s, sweetpea. Hope you are okay.

  24. Siryn

    Where did I say it didn’t hurt?

    I’m not trying to trivialize your feelings, just wishing you strength to do what you need to do.

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