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Here’s What You’ve Missed

Thora’s 7th Birthday was Sunday 11/5/06. I gave her a toy and she used it as a pillow for night night time.

Sammy also slept, in the cutest pose ever



And we sprinkled the neighborhood with our love. I did feel it would have been more appropriate for Sammy to actually use the urinal, since he’s now learned to crouch over holes in the ground and inject his poop in there. He’s just one step away from toilet-trained.


  1. Emmy

    Hahah i love you. You are so funny. Please start writing again…..

  2. Sandra Dee

    Oh goodie! I’ve missed you!!

  3. E :)

    Sammy looks just like my dog! Very cute! I’m glad you’re back.

  4. Dan

    Yay! Birthday doggies! I once brought Zeke back to an old neighborhood and I swear he sighed, and with single-minded determination went about remarking every spot he hadn’t marked for years. As you say, sprinkling the neighborhood with love…

  5. Velvet

    Emmy – Who you be? You aren’t Aussie Em, are you?

    SD – That’s nice. I can’t promise that I won’t still protect some posts, but I have a plan lined up ready to fire off for a while.

    E:) – Are you down under? Send pic of your dog! I want to see the Sammy twin!

    Dan – Sammy and Thora remember the places we lived. If I take them back, they will go back to our old front door.

  6. AussieEm

    No, that wasn’t me. Anyone, except for my mum, who calls me Emmy is in big trouble! 😛

  7. Siryn

    They are just too cute.

  8. Drunken Chud

    in my own little world, i like to think i made this post come out. with my constant prodding and asking for doggie style pron. while you may have misinterperated… cute dogs. hehe.

  9. Wicked H

    Love the wonder pups and their pics. Thanks for the smile.

  10. Enoreios

    Good to see some new (public) material! I hope all is well.

  11. Needtsza

    Is this where I say “welcome back” or is this just a drive-by blogging?

  12. Laura

    Yeah! Nothing like doggies needing to spread their scent to remind us all that life goes on despite the drama. 🙂

  13. Alejandra

    Oooh yay! I’ve also missed you quite a bit. Those dogs are beyond cute!

  14. playfulinnc

    If they learned how to open and shut my car windows in 30 minutes, I am not suprised about aiming the poop.


  15. Stuckinpa

    Glad to see you’re back! I really enjoy(ed) your blog as a former Dupont resident.

  16. Krista

    You’re back! I still kept checking, just in case. And the “first” post was about the puppies, perfection.

  17. barbara

    S & T are so cute. I can’t wait to meet them in person (or is that in dog?) Welcome back to the big Blog world. Sometimes a little break is all you need.

  18. nycray

    Glad to see you’re back! I still kept checking, and it’s inspired me to no longer be a lurker. I’ve enjoyed your funny and honest posts, and I hope they continue.

  19. Moni

    Perfect picture of Sammy!! And Milo wants to say: Happy Birthday Thora (I know, super belated, but still here!)

  20. Red

    Thora and Sammy are so cute! For some reason I thought they were bigger.

    Glad to have you back!

  21. bejeweled

    I thought T&S were bigger too but are way cute! I wish I could toilet train my cat!

  22. Katie

    Yay, you’re back! I discovered you just before the lock down, so no password for me… hope everything’s great for you & the puppies!

  23. Nikki

    Welcome back!! I knew if I was relentless, I would be rewarded…

  24. ViewfromDupont

    Ah! Yay! Welcome back!

  25. LooLar

    Welcome back Velvet. I’ve been checking in and hoping and keeping my fingers crossed and now you’ve made my Monday. Looking forward to reading your take on the world again.

  26. Penny

    Yay, glad to see you back again! Hope all has been well!

  27. Juju Bean

    woo hoo! So happy to see you’ve decided to share with us unknown readers again. Thanks!

  28. carmen

    How appropriate, the doggies “watering” the porta potty!

    I say write about what you want, it’s your blog! Glad you’re active again.

  29. OC

    Glad to see you back velvet!

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