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What We’re Doing on Our Summer Vacation, Love, Sammy & Thora

I don’t know why their tails are down. They were staring at the remnants of a ghost town. It’s not like it’s scary or anything. There was no one there but us, which worked out well for me when I had to use a makeshift potty. Curses to big gulps and parts of the country with restrooms every 100 miles.

And we saw the Rio Grande. But we didn’t cross. I’m sure you can guess where we are. We’re trying to work out a plan where we don’t have to go back to D.C. Ever.


  1. jordanbaker

    Speaking from my experience living in a border state, you don’t want to go too near the entry points with the puppies. They’re not kind about produce or “livestock.”

  2. Velvet

    I did drive through border patrol in I-10, but they just waved me on. But, they were waving everyone on, including the 18 wheelers. Isn’t the point of those inspection stations to check vehicles for people being smuggled?

  3. Chico's Bail Bonds

    Wait… are guns prohibited in Juarez, on the highway or in ALL of downtown???

    That is SOOOO confusing!

    Tell the NRA that El Paso is infringing on my 2nd Amendment rights!

    Nice to see you back up and running, Velvet… stay safe… oh, and I think you want to say “Dame” instead of “Dime.” “Dime” means “Tell me about,” which could lead to some fun discussions with smart-ass bartenders.

  4. Velvet

    It’s spelled with an “a?” Really? Shit!

    I missed the “no guns” sign! To me it looks like a swordfish. No swordfish in Mexico. Makes perfect sense.

  5. Lucy Coe's Cat

    Those little brats look so happy! I want to be reincarnated as one of your dogs.

    Boooooo to never coming back to DC.

  6. Chico's Bail Bonds

    One other thing, I think you already passed it, but one of the best trips of my life was when my Dad, my brother, and me went rafting down the Rio Grande near Lajitas, Texas (population 12) in Big Bend park through some spectacular canyons and you can stop by Terlingua which is a cool town.

    Again, keep Sammy, Thora, and your own ass safe down there and have a ton of fun.

  7. Velvet

    Chico – I can’t bring the dogs across the border. I’m scared they will be kidnapped and used for someone’s dinner.

  8. Nikki

    Glad you are back Velvet….you were missed. 🙂

  9. jordanbaker

    Their usual MO is either not to do their job at all (four days a week) or to create 3 mile lines by interrogating you about every stinking grape in your cooler (the other three). Sounds like you got them on one of the former.

  10. freckledk


  11. Not So Little Woman

    Love the shot of the doggies in the desert.

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