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How Much is That Dog in the Window?

Sammy might be the most narcissistic dog in the world. He does love himself. I’ve known this for some time. I regularly catch him staring at himself in the mirror.

“Hot damn you are a hot doggie! Wanna makeout?”

My friend rescues dogs. Every time I go to her house, I never know what kind or how many dogs I will find there. This time, Sammy bonded with one of her 8 dogs.


Sammy is on the left. His new girlfriend Annie is on the right. They stayed on the deck the entire time, just staring, waiting for something to move in the woods so they could go kill it. This is true love I think.


Want to know what Annie’s face looks like? I know you can’t wait.

You can’t tell the difference really, except that my dog is the one who is always eating. He gets that from his grandpa (my dad) and his own dad (my ex.)

How did I know that if my narcissistic dog ever found a girlfriend, she would look just like him?








  1. jordanbaker

    That’s adorable. They’re already one of those couples who look alike.

  2. Phil

    What if they’re related and don’t know it?

    I guess they wouldn’t care.

  3. freckledk

    Awwwww….Puppy Love is so sweet!

  4. BBTY


  5. mysterygirl!

    This is the cutest. I love your narcissistic dog. Don’t “they” say that people do this, too? I mean, if I were to describe my type, it wouldn’t be unlike myself, I suppose… 🙂

  6. Velvet

    JB – I would have taken that dog from my friend if it actually liked people. But it doesn’t. It just likes other dogs.

    Phil – Well…they both ARE from Georgia. You know what they say about the south and inbreeding…oh…wait…aren’t you from Georgia? ha ha

    MG – That kills me. If you described your type it would look like you. HA!

  7. JohnnyDC

    What if they’re long lost brother and sister… and then they have puppies together… Its like Days of their Doggy Lives…!!!

  8. minijonb

    yeah! Sammy’s gonna look great in a tux when he gets married to Annie…

    = ; – )

  9. homeimprovementninja

    Ya know…whenever I see your dogs I make a concious effort to pretend to like them both equally, that’s probably good karma, right?

  10. upstairs neighbor

    that last picture is amazing, they couldn’t get any cuter…

  11. Washington Cube

    I had to laugh at these two. They DO look like a couple. I totally love the last photograph. “WHAT??? WHAT??? Go get us some fresh water, or something.”

  12. Velvet

    Johnny DC – Oh…no puppies. I can’t have any more animals!

    Mini Jon B – Sammy? A Tux? I can see it…

    Ninja – I hate you.

    Upstairs Neighbor – You are a picture guy, aren’t you?

    Cubie – They were attached at…the…paw?

  13. playfulinnc

    Thora! Come swim with me! I found a new beach close to the house you will love! The water is much warmer than last time, and no crazy vacation ppl!

  14. Momentary Academic

    I really like that your dog has a girlfriend. There’s hope for us all!

  15. Phil


  16. JohnnyDC

    So did he pork her??*


    (*Pork her and dump her. Cmon, you know dowgs play that game too)

  17. Drunken Chud

    that’s a hot bitch.

  18. Alena

    Aww… that is just too cute. I love how they have matching eyebrows and everything. Are they the same breed?

  19. Not So Little Woman

    They are sooo cute together!! If I could, I’d volunteer to adopt her. What is the mix?

  20. GreenCanary

    “SamandAnnie” could be the next “Brangelina!”

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