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If I Went Back For My PhD, it Would Be in Economics

I admit it. I’m not reading blogs anymore. I haven’t been reading for six months to be quite honest. I’m reading Dostoevsky with some more Hemingway on deck. But. There’s a but. Isn’t there always a but?

The man who taught Economics classes that changed my life has a blog. And I’m reading that. And you should too. He’s also writing a book that I can’t wait to buy.


  1. Krazy Glue Sniffer

    Let’s do it… let’s go get our PhDs.

  2. beaker

    Well, have fun reading. Tis the summer and time for reading outside.

  3. Ms Anthrope

    Oh yeah this guy HAS IT!

  4. Momentary Academic

    I understand the need for reading. I’m reading three Christopher Marlowe biographies and The Inheritance of Loss by Kiran Desai.

  5. Scarlet

    Mmm, I love anything Russian.

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