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Drama at CVS

Location: 17th and P.

So…one Sixes and Sevens and I just meandered into CVS after lunch. We were immediately confronted with this:


The candy aisle is closed in the week preceeding Halloween? Really? We asked the cashier what was going on and she got “that look.” You know, the one where their mouth is saying they don’t know but their eyes and face are telling another story, like, “RUN!”


Someone didn’t spellcheck before printing the sign that says, “Sorry we can’t sale these itemes.”

We moved through the store, hearing the cashier tell someone that no food and beverage was allowed to be sold according to the manager. At the prescription desk, we asked them if they knew what was going on. They too got “the look,” and said with a smirk on their face, “Oh, I don’t know. No, really, I don’t know.”

Then, we spotted this:


In case you never had a rodent (hamster, gerbil, mouse) like myself, and in case you never had mice invade your house in the Great Mice vs. Velvet and Velvet’s brother debacle of 1997, you may not recognize the above pellets as rodent poop.

More specifically: rats.

So the rat, or rats, tore through CVS last night or this morning eating their way through the cheese puffs. AWESOME! Check out the nibble bites!

Anyway, other than it being hilarious that the CVS is basically incapacitated, rats amuse me. The other night, Thora and Sammy and I were walking down the street and a rat jumped out, ran right in front of us and took off into the bushes. None of us even flinched. Thankfully, I don’t scream bloody murder like the people from the ‘burbs do when they come here and a rat jumps out in their path.

Psst. Hey you! Rat! Everyone learned on Supermarket Sweep that you go for the high dollar items first! Step away from the cheese puffs!


  1. mysterygirl!

    Ugh, that still totally grosses me out.

  2. KassyK

    AHHH rats. Gross.

  3. suicide_blond

    just when i thought there would NEVER be ANOTHER bandwagon to jump on the … “CVS is Filthy” one pulls up!
    move over…

  4. Valley Girl

    Oh yuck. Yuck.

  5. freckledk

    As Rachel Ray would say, “Yuck-O.”

  6. Bridal Bird

    Just when I was thinking about how much I hate rats, FreckledK manages to bring up an even lower common denominatorRachel Ray.

  7. 1: 6s & 7s

    And who took those amazing shots with her cell? Damn she’s the Annie leibowitz of rat poop.

    Seriously that was the best trip to buy batteries and klonopin I’ve ever had!

  8. Not So Little Woman

    I recognize that rat poop!! It’s bigger, but still shit, than the one the mice dumped on my office. Remember? Disgusting.

    As to city dogs and rats, I wish I could say Basil doesn’t flinch. His instincts kick in and he lunges. I never let him catch them, though. Yuck!!

  9. Rachelle

    I love that you just started investigating the place on your own and determined it was a rat invasion. Funny. And gross.

  10. jordanbaker

    At least the rats have good taste. Utz Cheez Puffs = the awesomest.

  11. MA

    Wow. I kind of like that the rats and mice like candy and junkfood.


  12. Velvet

    SB – The whole blog with CVS is filthy. Ick!

    FK & BB: No no, Rachel Ray would say, “Gimme that cheese puff so I can stuff it in my mouth.” Okay, that wasn’t very nice. But is it me or has she porked up quite nicely in time for Thanksgiving? Shit. That wasn’t very nice either. Much like Nigella, she needs to NOT eat her own food.

    6’s & 7’s – Batteries and Klonopin ensure that you are a 6’s and 7’s that the rest of us can tolerate!!

    NSLW – S&T are never on a leash, and they still don’t chase the rats. It’s weird. But squirrels, they love the squirrels.

    Rachelle – 6’s and 7’s and I proclaimed ourselves the Woodward and Bernstein of CVS.

    JB – Cheese puffs way better than cheese doodles.

    MA – Makes me wonder though…dogs can’t eat chocolate, so how can rats eat it and survive?

  13. I-66

    Yeah, but how do you expect a rat to lift a ham or a turkey?

  14. Cunning Linguist

    I-66, they would have been able to if they were the rate of Nimh. If they can wire electricity, they’d damn sure better be able to lift a ham.

  15. nato

    It’s boring, I know,
    why dogs can’t each chocolate
    they’d love to, though,
    if you’d only leave it on your plate.

    The trouble, it would seem,
    is nasty theobromine
    a chemical they cannot digest
    as well as the rest
    of us (humans and rats, at any rate).

    Wow! I took an uninteresting subject and made it worse through bad rhyme and horrible cadence. Some days I astound myself.

  16. Dara

    This is how I see it: (1) Rats in CVS — gross and completely unhygienic. (2) Rats in the street or behind the dumpster or in the parking garage; mice scurrying across the metro tracks — gross yet acceptable trade-off of living in an urban area. (3) Rodent in my apartment — totally unacceptable. (4) Said rodent caught in a glue trap in my kitchen and making noise — nightmares for the rest of my life.

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