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Mais Oui, Mon Cherie

There is a French Film Festival in town. In case anyone cares. Actually, I care, that’s why I bring you this news. The festival goes through November 1, so get your ass out there!

Sunday, I went with an old friend who I wish would blog again to the National Gallery to see a collection of shorts. I love the short. LOVE it. I think that it takes an incredible amount of genius to pour a story into a 10 or 20 minute clip. Increasingly used by aspiring filmmakers, the short is a way to showcase talents in a manner that may actually be viewed by financial backers.

We saw nine movies over the course of two hours. Three were really good from an artistic standpoint (Be Quiet, Les Volets & Ming d’or.) Two were really funny (The Danse Lesson & Premier Voyage.) One went over my head (Waiting for Yesterday.) One was so cute and such a feel good movie (Ousmane.) One was totally boring (Bonsoir Monsieur Chu.) And one was really really disturbing. That would be “Even If She Had Been a Criminal.” Silent and in black and white, several French women are publicly humiliated and have their head shaved for partaking in extracurriculars with German Soldiers.

The shorts are gone, but there are still several days left to view other full length feature films in town. Check Cest Chic! for more info.

(Look, you have to admit…the French Film Festival news is way better than “there’s a rat loose in CVS or “the Greeks want their marbles back,” right?)


  1. Cunning Linguist

    At the National Gallery of Art? I was just there for an Asher Durand exhibit last month. It’s a nice little place, except for the modern art crap. If you’re a fan of modern art, you have no place in my world.

  2. barbara

    Oooh! I wish I could have gone to see the shorts at the NG. There is nothing better than French films, well maybe French films with a bottle of good French wine and a large block of Roquefort.

  3. Momentary Academic

    You’re so cultured. I wish that I could do something like that. 🙂

  4. homeimprovementninja

    Foreign films with subtitles? Wow. You’re all classy and sh1t. Matter of fact, you got class up the ying yang…as we say at da’ Brooklyn Yacht Club.

  5. JohnnyDC

    If by “French Films”, you mean “Pr0n”,
    then the winner is Velvet.


  6. Drunken Chud

    blah blah blah french blah blah is all i heard. and… all i needed to hear! ha!

  7. Scarlet

    Watching shorts leaves me inspired to make one. But really, I end up making spoofs and mockumentaries. It’s ok, though. They could make me famous one day!

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