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I Hurt

It doesn’t matter that I hit the gym five days a week, those dogs kicked my ass today. Being in the sun, answering the same questions over and over and walking dogs is hard! HARD! Holly I have no idea how you do this every Saturday and Sunday.

Homeward Bound Pet Rescue of Georgia link. If you see a dog you want – now, later, ever, please let them (or me) know -we will arrange for transport of this dog so it can find its new home with you. The pet overpopulation problem in Georgia is horrendous, and there are so many animals euthanized each week. Help them. Please. If you can’t or don’t want to adopt a pet, please consider a donation. (Click the donate button on above link.) Any amount helps.

Now, I must thank you kids who showed up to help:

Ninja – who had the cutest puppy dumped off at his house at 2 a.m. Saturday night and he still didn’t adopt her;

Momentary Academic – who hawked the puppies as hard as she could because she knew that if they didn’t get adopted she would be taking them home herself;

Hammer – who walked dogs and then got attached…waiting around much longer than he had planned to see the final disposition of Zeke and Zoe;

Sixes and Sevens – who kept emptying her pockets of cash to the donation boxes and who set up her own outpost at the end to hawk the dogs who weren’t getting as many visitors;

E, BMW and Darla – who came, walked dogs, and helped me try (unsuccessfully) to talk Ninja out of adopting a small dog, because, as BMW can attest, walking a small dog encourages men to fog up their windows and invite you in for mimosas. Because they wanna be your friennnnd.

The overall opinion from the Homeward Bound folks was that Alexandria was a wonderful place for this adoption. They spent Friday and Saturday in New Jersey and adopted 7 and 10 dogs respectively, out of a total 31. This left them with 14 dogs to bring to Alexandria for Sunday. And today, with the help of the above animal lovers, 9 dogs found homes. NINE! That is awesome. They were going to return to Georgia tonight with 5 dogs, but, oops, I plucked one off the truck…because she just looks so much like my Thora.

I know. You don’t have to tell me. I’m an idiot. I’ll just keep stuffing dogs in my condo like sausages. Who’s gonna yell at me? The Condo Board President? Ha…that dumb bitch…


Does anyone want a dog?


  1. Valley Girl

    I would, but I already have two. *sigh* Just wait until I buy my own home. I’m serious when I say I want a pack of five running all over the house! =)

  2. Hammer

    You snagged Zoe?! Oh man, I absolutely LOVE that dog! (Don’t start on me though – my building doesn’t allow pets and I ain’t movin’.) Hopefully Zeke won’t be too sad to be away from little sis. Is this a trial separation to see how they do solo?

    Thanks for letting us help out with this – it was a hell of a lot of fun!

  3. MA

    I had a wonderful time and after I hung up with you I got very teary because I couldn’t take the Brady puppy. I loved meeting everyone.

  4. I-66


  5. mysterygirl!

    Aww, what a sweet dog. I wish I could take her, but dogs are prohibited in my building. You guys did a good thing yesterday!

  6. Velvet

    Valley Girl – I would also have to ship it to you on the west coast! But lots of doggies are fun, I’d love to have a pack.

    Hammer – She’s sleeping at my house right now…come and get her…

    MA – That little pup is back in the shelter! Sniff sniff!

    I66 – I have a dog for you…

    MG – She’s a tough little dog. Help me find her a home!!!

  7. homeimprovementninja

    1. Well, even though that was the cutest puppy EVER, it cried as soon as you stopped petting her, so I felt guilty during the 5 minute drive to pick up MA, imagine how i would feel if I left it home for 8 hours during work. The lesbians will give her a good home.

    2. Are you effing crazy? 3 dogs in YOUR condo?

    3. I’m trying to decide whether to wash or burn the jacket that the asshole dog peed on. It’s gross but the cutest puppy EVER slept in it the night before 🙁

  8. I-66

    Have you got a house for me too, so I don’t have to abide by the rules of others?

  9. Not So Little Woman

    You know I would’ve been there helping if I lived around DC. You also know I’m going to be the other crazy dog lady. I’m sure I would’ve adopted a doggie too.

    And Zoe… she does look like Thora! Yay! 3 doggies!!

  10. suicide_blond

    i hope im in town for the next one…sooo glad that lots of em found new homes…
    good job!!! xoxo

  11. 6s & 7s

    It was so much fun! And I didn’t cry or take all the leftovers home!

    I knew you would swipe Zoe and she fits right in with the rest of your pack.

    I say we do it again soon.

  12. Phil

    We here in Ga are only making sure the rest of the country has an ample supply of dogs to choose from.

  13. Scarlet

    I SO want a dog…..but can’t just yet.

  14. barbara

    I am dying for another dog, but the other person who lives in my house is not budging on this issue. Good luck! As I recall you could pack a few more in your condo… How are Sammy and Thora with the new addition?

  15. Harry S Truman

    “If you want a friend in Washington, get a dog.”

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