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Friday Goes to the Dogs

Yesterday I received a letter soliciting donations from one Washington Humane Society. Do you know what I did with that letter? The same thing I do with all their solicitations. I ripped it in half and threw it in the trash.

You may be scratching your chin right now and saying to yourself, “But you love animals! You have two doggies who are the loves of your life.” And you would be right. However. There’s always a however with me. I never tie this up in two short paragraphs, do I?

However. Last fall when my wonderful friend Holly from Homeward Bound came to D.C. from Atlanta with an animal caravan, there was one dog left which I kept with me to find it a home. A lady had been very interested, but was afraid to separate the dog from her brother. I kept the dog in the hopes of finding this lady, which I eventually did.

However. In the interim of finding that lady, I emailed the chick writing the Washington Humane Blog asking if she would be so kind as to post the dogs profile to help me find it a home.

She said no.

No I’m not kidding.

She fucking said no.

Why? Because she “only blogs about dogs currently in their shelter.”

Okay, so, you work for a rescue group, but you are still self-serving for your own agenda? You can find justification in telling me to go fly a kite, that my foster dog doesn’t count? What if I just dropped it off at your shelter? Then would you blog about it? Christ.

Then I clicked on their crap in the live feed and saw this. So you can’t post about a foster dog who needs a home because you “don’t handle dogs not in your shelter” but you can post about your CO-WORKER’S lost dog and yet that somehow qualifies under your rule structure?

Give me a break lady. Seriously. Take the Wash Humane name off of it and just make it a personal blog. Then you can blog on wherever the wind blows. But once you purport to be doing the mission of Washington Humane, then all your public actions must follow suit.



  1. Phil

    It’s dog-business, not dog-friends, okay?

    Look, the WHS is trying to make a dollar and a cent in this bid’ness – not just help any old dog looking for a home! Can’t you understand that?

  2. Anonymous

    What a fucking bitch. Tara de Nicolas, cunt extraordinaire.

  3. Banging in the name of the dogs

    That’s fucking lame, but she’s kinda cute. I’d bang her and then tell her the money’s on the dresser, only it’s just a dollar.

  4. Talking Budgie

    Wow. Just, wow.

  5. Washington Cube

    Don’t you just love Phil? Over on The Playaz, they’re so crooked, dogs are Trustees with slush/hush puppy corporations with funds in the Antilles. OLE BLUE, LLC

  6. wildbillthePirate

    People are Idiots, but don’t take it out on the Animals who really do need help.Unfortunitly, one comes with the other. (Most) people can’t be trusted. Only some animals can’t.

  7. sixesandsevens

    I think this cunt worked on The Hill before…probably for HHS too. UGGGh. DC. It’s even run Rusty of out of town too–all the way to OHIO. I mean if DC people, like this worthless asshole, can send ME to Pennsyltuckey…anyway…

    The sad part is that animals that need the help are represented by her. And by not donating then they are hurt, not her. I hope one of your loyal and I mean REAL LOYAL, CONNECTED peeps sends this to WaPo and the City Paper to give them a bad rap.

    And kudos to Holy Holly who is the patron saint to all Southern Pups. Girly, when Boopie’s G’ma gets ready for an adoption I be callin’ ya!

    Velvie post that donation link to Holy Holly again so real donors can send their stimulus package to a REAL CAUSE!

  8. minijonb

    point this out to the national organization. not that it will for sure do anything, but you’d sure as hell feel better after doing it.

  9. barbara

    I don’t give money to organizations where the rules get in the way of doing the right thing. Your friend Holly gets my vote any day over the Humane Society (that seems to have forgotten how to be humane).

  10. Amber

    This post is horrific! I suggest you all take it down and take a look at the mission of this non-profit DC organization that I support 110%… their shelters are packed to the brim with wonderful animals, and they are doing all they can to achieve their 5-year plan to place every single adoptable animal in a home, and you have the fucking nerve to ask them to help you with your foster dog from Georgia, when there are thousands of animals they are helping already in DC. HELP YOURSELF! They are caring for thousands of homeless animals in DC and desperate for space and help! How dare you attack a staff members whose job it is to work for that organization and do a job in communications. There was no need for that, WHS is the ONLY open admission shelter in DC, and is taking in the animals most in need. I am sorry but your foster dog was safe and sound in your home, and WHS is working to help those animals without a home of any type. Its the organizations mission to do so, therefore their blog must support that. SHAME ON YOU for this POST! They deserve an apology for this and from others who commented. Maybe you should help and foster an animal for them, there are plenty of animals right in your own backyard who need your help!!!!! Do you research before posting so carelessly about others. Also, organizations with blogs use them for all different things, including breaking down the barrier between staff and supporter and allowing us supporters the chance to get to know these people who work tirelessly day in and day out to help animals in need…tell me what good does your blog do?

  11. E

    Amber? Seriously? Your name is Amber. Your parents put you at a disadvantage before you were even born. Because of your name, your IQ was already well below 100. Now you just proved it.

  12. Amber

    Actually, no. Amber was my dogs name who I rescued from WHS 15 yrs ago and recently passed away! I have been a supporter of WHS for 20 yrs now and could not be more in awe of the incredible work they do every single day to help animals.

  13. Velvet

    Gee Amber, I didn’t realize it was “Nerve” that prompted me to ask them to “take a foster dog in,” but thanks for informing me of what MY motive was – especially since you misread what I wrote. MY motive was not to have them take this dog in, but had you read it, you would see that I asked her to BLOG about it. Simply blog about it. If they are an open shelter and I dropped the dog off to them, then they’d HAVE to take it in, wouldn’t they? Would blogging about it be so fucking hard?

    It’s hypocritical to put forth a blog as though it serves the mission of just the WHS and its animals, turn away anyone else needing help with another animal situation for an animal that WAS living in DC, and yet, see fit to then turn around and post crap about co-workers and such.

    What does my blog do? Fucking read it, you cuntrag. Thousands of daily readers can’t be wrong.

    Take this post down? Ha fucking ha. I’ll put up another one about it again and again.

  14. Amber

    I still do not see why they would post for you about your foster dog from Georgia, you have your own blog, you can post yourself. I foster dogs and cats for them and as a foster parent enjoy helping to find that animal the ideal home on my own, taking the burden off of them so they can focus on the hundreds of animals in the shelter needing homes. It really annoys me that because you have a blog and an opinion, you think you are in the right and can blast off about it and hurt others at your will. Since you were fostering the dog for a different organization, than talk to them about posting a blog for you, why attack this organization who is helping the animals in its care, can’t you help the one dog in your care? And, you are correct, WHS is the only shelter in Washington, DC that if you walked in and dropped off that dog, they would welcome it in and care of it. I just want to stress to you the constant need and crisis such an organization is in so you know how hard it is to do the job that they do. Maybe you should volunteer for them or foster for them? Better yet, approach them about using your blog to promote animals looking for homes? You could certainly post a featured pet each week on here, I am sure your thousands of daily readers would like it and you would help to save some lives

  15. Velvet

    OMG Shut the fuck up already. I rescued my two dogs OFF THE STREET when no one else wanted them. Don’t tell me that I need to find compassion or volunteer for a hypocritical organization that uses media outlets for their own personal agendas while masking it as the blog of some tree-hugging, animal saving missives. Give me a break. Call a spade a spade, the blog she writes is a waste of space and an exercise in hypocrisy. If you’re for the animals, then you’re for all of them. Not just the ones who are convenient for you.

    But thank you, thank you for shedding the nazi-like stupidity of their followers.

    What does my blog do? It informs and entertains. And because I have dogs and that matter hits close to my heart, I inform people of good and bad dog services and information. If you don’t like it, start your own blog. I already bought the domain name for though.

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