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But Come the Wee Wee Hours, Maybe, Baby, The Gypsy Lied

I know. I’ve really sucked it for the last month. I promised and I left without delivering. I’ve been busy. Way busy. I have a lot of work and little concept of a recession outside the doors of my office. The blog even crashed on the server for a little while and I didn’t even flinch.

I bought a beach house. It was a mostly miserable settlement process. I had the usual fights with the family around the holidays and a fight with the man. I have refrained from living my life online because it just doesn’t seem worth it. My life was relatively boring anyway for quite some time there. The other night I found myself wanting to vent and when I thought of grabbing my cell phone and venting to someone, there just wasn’t anyone I could come up with who deserved to hear my venting because it just sucks so bad and so when some poor unsuspecting girl at work asked me in the bathroom how my weekend was, I bust out in a sea of crap that she probably didn’t see coming. Shit. And I only told her half of it.

As hard as I try, I’m never without drama. Sometimes in a good way. Sometimes in a bad way. And you know what they say, when it rains, it pours. Twenty four hours can change someone’s whole world. It did mine. I’m not sure that’s a good thing though. I’ll get through it. Sammy, Thora and I will get through it. We always do.


  1. Pook

    I’ve been waiting for an update! I feel like if we knew each other when I lived in DC, we’d be good friends. Keep your head up. Remember you need the lows to enjoy the highs.
    I hope next month is better for you!

  2. zipcode

    Missed you, but glad you posted.

  3. Washington Cube

    Glad to hear your voice again, but sorry the shit storm has hit. We never did get the story from that woman who waxed the Bush girls (snickering at pun.) Miss you, Sweetie.

  4. Cyndy

    I’ve missed having posts by you to read. I hope things become better for you soon.

  5. LiLu

    Eh, you gotta take care of you first. Here’s an e-hug…

  6. ma


    You’re a competent, strong woman. You’ll deal with whatever gets hurled at you.

    Take care, okay?

  7. Luna

    Sorry about the shit-storm. I’ve missed reading your updates, though, so if you decide to vent on here once again, you’ve got lots of people willing to give you the cyber-support you might need. Take care of yourself!

  8. Tyler

    Nice to know that you are still out there! Sorry to hear about the rough patches, but keep your head up and take care, you will pull through!!

  9. suicide_blond

    helllloooo….. you can allllways find booze and a buddy to drink it with at my place……
    …thinking of you..

  10. freckledk

    I second The Blond. Booze is good.

    Don’t worry about who’s deserving of your unloading – just unload. Your friends will welcome it, if it makes you feel even the teeniest bit better – we love you!

  11. Reya Mellicker

    Life is drama – there is no possibility of living without it. At least you do with style, aplomb, and vivaciousness.

    Thinking about you with love. let’s get together in 2009, OK?

  12. Uncle Keith

    I’m sorry.

  13. wildbill

    Yay! You’re Back! Congrats on the Beach house! Bargain?Probably! Drama is what it is- Go call the Blond, or any of the other folks around you & git your Ya-Ya’s Out!

  14. Siryn

    Hey my dear, I know the feeling. My own (badly neglected) blog crapped out when I did a wordpress upgrade and I’m not terribly motivated to figure out the problem, haven’t been for a couple of months. Amazing, no? Anyhow, congrats on the beach house!

  15. Dara

    I can sympathize.

    Blog or don’t. More important is that you do what you need to do to get through the drama. But you seem to know that already. 😉

  16. musiclover647

    Laugh and the world laughs with you…….fart and you stand alone. 😉

    Buck up kid. Life could be worse.

  17. JohnnyDC

    I heard congress is passing a stimulus package.

    As in you stimulate my package…. muhahaha!

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