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When I Wanted You To Share My Life, I Had No Doubt In My Mind

Damn it. It was my Resolution to post more this year. Obviously I’m the suckage at that.

It’s been another two months of crazy. I’m trying to get a business off the ground, my dad was sick, my uncle died, I had to get rid of Speedracer and bought another, still unnamed vehicle that the fucking dealership cannot provide the title for – so I sit in limbo-non-registered land, X and I have been to California and back, as well as hell and back, I got strep throat, three colds and am on my second round of antibiotics, well, third if you count that monster antibiotic shot they gave me in the ass, and finally, X and I got engaged. Four times.

Yes. You read that right. Four times. We had a bit of difficulty pulling it off correctly.

The first time, X sort of hands me the ring but doesn’t say a whole lot. As I said to him, “I don’t need a skywriter, but you know, you have to ask the question.” He said he would do it over.

I waited patiently for several weeks, then months, and finally I started asking. “When am I getting the ring back? X? When am I getting the ring back? Do you still have it? Did you return it? No? Oh. Well when am I getting the ring back?” He finally said, “I planned on giving it to you last week when we were walking along the beach with the dogs.”

Me: Oh? Well, it was deserted out there. That would have been the perfect time. You know I love the beach. What stopped you?
X: Well, I was about to. Remember when I was pulling the shells out of my pocket?
Me: Yeah?
X: Well I was about to pull out the ring but then, “HELLO?” (at this point X imitated me on the phone, using the universally known   “hand-as-telephone symbol” to indicate that yours truly had taken a call.)
Me: So I was only on the phone a couple minutes, couldn’t you have tried again?
X: Well, yes, except that do you remember when Thora took a dump and you picked it up and carried the poop bag with you because there was no garbage can?
Me: Yes?
X: And I kept telling you to get rid of the poop? Well that was because I wanted to give you the ring. But I wasn’t about to propose with you holding a bag of dog shit in your other hand.
Me: Okay. Well. I want it back.

I sort of thought X would wait until we were out at the beach again since that’s pretty much our sanctuary. But we went to dinner last week at our favorite restaurant and suddenly I was like a freaking bloodhound. I said, “Do you have the ring in your pocket?” He said no. I started to claw at his pockets and he told me that he didn’t have it with him. Then he said I looked sad. I said I wasn’t so much sad as I was upset that I was wrong about this. I just had the feeling that he had the ring. He said, “Let me show you what I have in my pockets.”

Out came the the ring. And the question.

I wish I could say that we were graceful about it, but truth be told, it wouldn’t be X and I if it wasn’t fumbled, awkward and had a “do over” called a few times.

X was talking to his “birth brother” (the one we haven’t met yet) as I guess you would call him, on the phone during the throes of Engagement-Gate-2010.   X told him after the first engagement that went awry that he had to propose again and X’s brother said, “Oh? You too?” Apparently he too screwed up his proposal to his girlfriend.

Damn, it’s like, in his blood or something.

And ladies and gentlemen? This is officially no longer a dating blog! Yay!


  1. Jo

    Yay!!! Congratulations! All the best to you both!

    P.S. And I’m glad I’m not the only one who has a bizzare proposal story 🙂

  2. Dagny Taggart

    Congratulations and best wishes!

    Now that Emily Post has been appeased… I’m really happy for you, and hope that the planning process goes a bit more smoothly.

  3. carrie m

    That’s fantastic – congrats to you and X! I had a feeling the next post outta you would be news of an engagement!

  4. Beach Bum

    Congrats and finally! Every time you post I expect to hear news of an engagement and nothing. Happy it was true today!

  5. Amy

    Yay! Congratulations!

    And I hope you kick your cold/flu habit soon. Feel better.

  6. Cyndy

    That’s such great news. Congratulations to both of you!

  7. Barbara

    Yay! So does this mean we can finally meet Mr. X? What was the reaction from Connecticut?

  8. LA Cochran

    As long as one of those proposals took, you’re good to go! Congrats!

  9. Tyler

    Yay!!! Congrats Velvet!!! I am so happy for both of you!! Those of us long time readers have been waiting for this post.

    ps. I proposed to my fiance a month ago! 🙂

  10. redhead

    Congrats! It all worked out in the end.

  11. Red

    Congrats! You deserve much happiness.

  12. Washington Cube

    Gee. It pays to nag you.

    Let me put it this way, Velvet. When you are an old woman, and the bedroom reeks of Vicks Vaporub, and you’re both going out for the Early Bird specials, you’ll always have a story that involves dog poop. Jes’ sayin’.

    Congratulations on it all: the new work, the fella, X’s family, the beach house. You deserve nothing but the best.

  13. Lemon Gloria

    Congratulations! Happy for you!

  14. Marissa

    Congratulations! That’s an awesome story. Dog poop will not foil true love!

  15. Luna

    Congratulations!! I’m really really happy for you. Now I just can’t wait until this turns into a mommy blog (some day, no rush), because I can only imagine what fun will come from a knocked-up Velvet!

  16. little d

    Congratulations, my dear! Now we have to celebrate along with catching up. xoxox

  17. bettyjoan

    Many, many congrats to you both!

  18. Velvet

    Thanks everyone! You all is so sweet to me. Even after I didn’t post for like, 2 months. More.

    Tyler – Yay! I’m glad you proposed! Good for you, and congratulations right back at ya.

    Barbara – Ugh. The response from Connecticut was similar to the reaction you would expect to get from telling someone that you finally got that eyelash out of your eye. “Ohhh? Good for you.” I have learned to lower my expectations.

  19. mysterygirl!

    Hooray!! Sorry I somehow missed this post (and then noticed the engagement mention in your latest). I’m so happy for you. 🙂

  20. jcd


  21. AussieEm

    Ok, so it’s a tad belated… but CONGRATULATIONS! Am super excited for you and Mr X. 🙂
    Looking forward to reading about all the plans and the big day itself.

  22. Siryn

    late to this party but CONGRATS HONEY!! ‘Bout friggin time. 🙂

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