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I Spent a Lifetime Looking for You

I actually went out last night and had a drink with the Hostess and the Photographer. I haven’t done that in, um, years. We went up to Marvin for a Dupont Underground event. Because I love all things Dupont, I am obsessed with seeing the space below the circle. There’s a growing movement of artists trying to get the space opened for the exhibition of area artists. I can’t think of a better idea of what to do with that space in all honesty. I understand that the former trolley station was made into an underground mall in the 90’s with various shops and places to eat, but that it was such a crime magnet that they shut it down. Maybe the time is right to reopen that puppy and show the world.

Anyway, you can read more here about the Underground, more about last night’s event here and more about sponsor and friend of the Hostess and the Photographer, Phillipa Hughes and Pinkline Project here.

Damn. It felt good to actually know about something going on in Dupont, I’ve been so far removed from D.C. and Dupont and so wrapped up in my own little life lately.

But that couldn’t last for long. I do have an interesting wedding   update for anyone who cares.

When I went in early April to buy my wedding dress, the sample size they had didn’t exactly zip up. In fact, it was about 2 inches away from zipping closed. Embarrassing. But then when they tell you the sample size is totally off from normal sizes, I felt better. A little. They recommended I buy two sizes higher. I said, “No. One size.” They were trying to tell me that “every bride promises to lose weight” and better safe than sorry. My stance was, “No way. If I’m going to drop these annoying 5 10 15 lbs, now is the time.”

I busted my ass in gear. I am totally not kidding. I stopped running since that was getting me nowhere but to injury fast, and started walking. Then when the Hostess found out I was walking 4 miles a day like a maniac all over Dupont, Georgetown and up those stupid Exorcist Stairs, she started coming with me. I think I logged 80 miles in each month – March, April and May. Then the Hostess and I started doing the stairs multiple times. My doctor said to cut to 1200 calories. I don’t really count calories, but I can pretty much bet I’m not going over that since I’m hungry all the time.

I had a meeting today in a building adjacent to where I bought my original #1 wedding dress choice. I have been considering what to do if the dress comes in and doesn’t fit and they have to take it out. So I ran in there to try on the sample size again to see how I’m progressing. I saw the lady who helped me was there by herself when I walked in, but her back was to me. I snuck over, found the dress and ran into the dressing room. If this thing wasn’t going to fit, and I was going to have a breakdown, I really wanted to do it alone.

I unzipped the dress, put it over my head and everything was all stuck. There were parts and layers in places they shouldn’t be and I was concerned that the dress didn’t feel any looser. Then I realized I had an entire layer bunched up in there, so I pulled that out and started zipping. That zipper went all the way to the top, AND, it was loose. Holy effing crap. How on earth did I do this? I got on the scale last week and knew I was down 8 lbs, but in what world is 8 lbs enough to drop you 2 dress sizes? I guess the bridal world. Now it seems like the dress I ordered will be too big. Huh.

I came out of the dressing room and ran over to the lady and called her name. She turned around and said, “VELVET!!! I WAS JUST THINKING ABOUT YOU LAST WEEK!” Couldn’t believe she remembered my name, I haven’t seen her except for that one day two months ago. She remembered everything about me. She’s good! I told her I lost 8 lbs and showed her the dress and she was shocked. She said everyone promises to lose weight and most brides can’t pull it off in time.

Please. I’m not “most brides!”

And that dress is downright gorgeous. I really made the right choice the first time.

Anyway, since I have room to spare, does anyone have a bag of Chips Ahoy or 30 cannolis they can lend me? Thanks.


  1. Hostess

    At one point on our walks I remember saying…”what if you lose too much weight!” So are they going to have to take it in? They won’t have time since it is gonna get here like 2 minutes before your wedding? Does this mean you’ll be eating Chips Ahoy on our walk today? And you yelled at me when I brought cookies on our walk once! Congrats on being too skinny for your gorgeous wedding dress! 🙂

  2. Barbara

    You ALWAYS do what you set out to do. Remember how much fun it is to gain weight. It will never be a problem if you lose too much. Just don’t go getting anorexic on us.

    Meanwhile maybe you should reorder the dress in the sample size…

  3. Carla

    That is TOTALLY awesome! Congrats! I was doing so good, but am now on vacation and eating crap all day. Back to salads and my trusty shakes next week for sure!

  4. allezoop

    After your wedding, could you lend me about 20% of your discipline? I don’t have any.

  5. Velvet

    Hostess – You make me laugh. Mmmm. Chips ahoy on the walk. Brilliant!

    Barbara – I can’t. The dresses are special made, and take every bit of that 12 weeks they quote. I won’t have time.

    Carla – I can’t believe it either. I had two weekends where I totally failed at sticking to this diet. I haven’t gotten on the scale, but when that dress zipped up today I was totally stunned. I don’t get it.

    Allezoop – Well, I had to attach a monetary reward to it. There is something totally thrilling about the challenge of “this dress is almost 2 inches off zipping up. 1 inch equals 1 size. You need to go up two sizes” and telling them no, you’ll meet them in the middle. It really amped up the discipline, that’s for sure.

  6. Jamie

    I’m a long time fan, and I’m laughing at the thought that, if this were the first post of your I read, I’d be thinking you were a complete bitch!

    Congrats on the weight loss, and everything else. It sounds like things are going your way!

  7. Cyndy

    Congratulations on the eight pounds – that’s one less thing to worry about. It sounds like you’re going to totally rock that dress!

  8. LiLu

    I have a feeling my wedding day is the ONLY thing that will convince me to lose these 5 (10) that drive me nuts. Congrats, lady friend.

  9. Claus von Gingersnap

    I would give you the cookies, but I just finished them all myself. Maybe next time. 🙁

  10. Justin

    I haven’t been by in a very, very long time, so I had some catching up to do. Having said that…

    Your last month’s worth of posts reminded me exactly why beth and I eloped!

    So very happy for you, though. All the best.

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