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Sammy & Thora are Mega Famous

YAY! I’m so proud of my muffins!

It won’t be long before we are fielding calls from Oprah and Chelsea!


  1. Barbara

    I had forgotten how cute they are!

  2. Laura

    Their feature on the Corgi site made me tear up: it’s so obvious that they are family to you. It was sweet to read.

  3. Washington "I Have Papers" Cube

    I left a comment over on the site. The babies are famous!

  4. Velvet

    B – I think I love those little shits more every day. I’m so gay.

    Laura – Thank you so much. I found that site through my friend who does those dog adoptions, some of her dogs were featured on there. And I submitted their info and she scheduled them for a post.

    Cube – They are famous! Saw your comment, thanks!!!

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