So sorry I didn’t update yesterday. A friend called me this morning to see if I was ok, since there was no blog update. So sorry to all my fans. I’ll try to never do it again.

Ok, here we go. R called yesterday. I sent him to voicemail. Then called back and got voicemail, woo hoo! So I left a message. Then he called back and I sent him to voicemail again because I didn’t know what to say. Last night MotorcycleInstructor came over and I just didn’t feel like dealing with the R thing.

MotorcycleInstructor left this morning, but not before he took his glass of tea and the chips he was eating back to the kitchen. I found the glass in the sink, the chips rolled up on the counter and my jaw on the floor. I’ve never had a man try that hard. Usually I spend 15 minutes cleaning up after them. So, ok, he’s doing quite well.

Email this morning from R asking real estate questions, but then says this: “Anyway, that’s neither here nor there. What I really want to know is when can I meet Sammy?” So I write back an atrociously long email answering his questions about the real estate thing, then I say this: “Now, regarding Sammy, who is shedding all over my house as we speak. I was going to call you back last night but I didn’t feel well (still feeling faint and dizzy) because this is something I would have much rather told you over the phone. I have been dating someone that just kicked into the next step and we decided on Sunday that we’re going to stop dating other people. I’m of course taking all this day by day. I’ve been single a loooooooong time.”

Then I get this back from him:

Thanks for the advice, and good luck with the someone. My status has also been iffy of late, so I suppose this makes things simpler. But do stay in touch–I’m happy to know you in any capacity. Really.

That’s pretty nice, don’t you think? I was impressed.

Uh, zero. Well, one. I have MotorcycleInstructor. Everyone else seems to have gone away. HarleyRider hasn’t called. The other guy from the hotel bar hasn’t called. R’s now out of the picture and the other Jeff from I was emailing seems to have been eaten by wolves in Bolivia or wherever his job sent him for these past few weeks. But you know what? I’m ok with this. I like the attention I’m getting (it’s a lot of attention) and I’m content. For the moment.