Friday night MotorcycleInstructor did call. But then he told me he had to answer the other line and he would call me right back. “Right back” ended up being 20 minutes, and I was already at the movies and no longer picking up my phone. I did call back when the movie let out, but he didn’t pick up and didn’t call back until Saturday morning…at which point he put me on hold after about 3 minutes of talking and left me on hold for 2 minutes. That was my breaking point, and I hung up. End of story. Well, the end of the story will hopefully be Tuesday morning. I suppose I will call him later or tomorrow just to firm up for Tuesday for my license appointment.

Sara and I went to the beach overnight this past weekend. DamascusBoy was texting me this morning like a maniac. This man is very attentive. So, I’m on to another one.

On the way out and the way back to Rehoboth, Sara read “The Washingtonienne” out loud. It’s funny how many of us have such similar dating sagas. Well, except for the fact that she nailed everyone she laid eyes on. But every man she encounters is just another dickwad looking to get laid. She just happens to accommodate them. But she makes a few excellent points along the way of her saga. I can’t think of them right now, but I’m sure I will later.

I’ve also read some of the other dating sites out there. They are hilarious. There really are a lot of freaks out there. Christ.