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But first, two tidbits for you all.

1) Picture it. Tonight. Velvet walking dogs through the zone of bars, hopping with people drinking on patios. Velvet in sweatpants. Hair in ponytail. Rain making hair frizzy. Velvet sees the Bartender. Bartender looks very hot. Nice. Could I have looked any worse?

2) Velvet got a text from CL#4NewJersey. What. The. Fuck. Anyway, I called him back because I’ve grown tired of the waiting game. He seemed normal, exceptionally tired, so who the hell knows. Maybe he’s just not into emailing when he’s at work. I have no idea. I hope one day I can make him feel bad for making me feel sick to my stomach this week. I’mportant parts of convo:

CL#4NJ: How was your week?
Velvet: Good, other than the Sammy thing.
CL#4NJ: Have any dates with any cute guys?
Velvet: Not since last weekend.
CL#4NJ: What are your plans for tomorrow?
Velvet: Just running some errands, unless that’s your way of asking me if I’m free. (This was a line courtesy of my wonderful neighbors.)
CL#4NJ: Yes, I’m asking you that.
Velvet: Dueling crosswords?
CL#4NJ: One crossword would probably be more romantic. So, would you like to do something tomorrow?
Velvet: I would love to.

And with that, we have our plans. We’ll see.


Now, I’ve been tagged.

Four jobs you have had:
1) Assistant Buyer
2) Restaurant Manager
3) Victoria’s Secret Salesgirl
4) Pizza Hut Waitress

Four movies you could watch over and over:
1) Almost Famous
2) Sliding Doors
3) Arthur
4) Loverboy

Four places you’ve lived:
1) Miami
2) Atlanta
3) Scottsdale
4) Connecticut

Four TV shows you love to watch:
1) Will & Grace
2) Seinfeld
3) Simpsons

Four places you’ve been on vacation:
1) Martinique (“Get me off this island!!”)
2) Rome (Sitting in the Vatican, with Pope John Paul, thinking about getting back to D.C. to have sex with what’s-his-name. Oh, shut up. If I was going to hell, believe me, it was long before this.)
3) London (Mind the gap.)
4) Paris (“That married guy with the rotting teeth is hitting on you, isn’t he?”)

Four of your favorite foods:
1) Pizza
2) Cheese
3) Apple Crostada at Maggiano’s
4) Hot Peppers (They really make everything better.)
5) Peanut Butter (I know, I had to add an extra line. Sue me. Take it away from the TV Shows category, okay??)

Four places you’d rather be right now:
1) At CL#4NewJersey’s place
2) see above
3) see above
4) see above

Four sites I visit daily:
1) Yahoo real email account
2) Yahoo fake email account
3) Yahoo Velvet email account
4) This website that I hope I never end up on. Careful if you are at work, and try not to get addicted. Uh, Thanks Jo.

Four Bloggers you are tagging:
Rhinestone Cowgirl

1 Comment

  1. Velvet

    trueborn said…
    Good luck Doll.
    I’m just getting a weird vibe.
    If I had had a night like that I would’ve put on a blitz for your heart. Or I would’ve seemed a lot more excited than you described.
    He seems way to casual about it.

    1/14/2006 02:37:10 AM

    AsianMistress said…
    You didn’t tag me but I’m gonna do it anyway….and also good luck w/ NJ.

    BTW call me later… (but not before noon at least)

    1/14/2006 05:25:48 AM

    rebecca_knox said…
    Honey, I suggest you go 10 percent if CL#4NJ goes 90 … impatient for the update!!

    1/14/2006 03:26:27 PM

    playfulindc said…
    Interesting…I thought this might happen with him.

    The bartender??? You think the bartender is hot?

    (Did I tell you that at first I thought he liked boys? But, then again, that is a compliment coming from Karen Walker).

    Um. I won’t do the whole list, but I thought you’d like to know that I once worked on the parve side of a Kosher deli in Memphis, TN. Oh, and I was a Merle Norman sales girl in a stripmall in Columbus, MS. AND, I stalked and served high profile people for a lawyer in jackson, MS.

    It does get weirder.

    I can’t wait for an update!

    1/14/2006 03:56:40 PM

    Rhinestone Cowgirl said…
    I hate you.

    1/14/2006 04:09:02 PM

    Barbara said…
    Velvet — You absolutely crack me up! At this point, I don’t know if I want you to find Mr. Right or to just keep looking. I think the NJ guy really likes you. He sounds pretty balanced and sure of himself. And I think he really likes you but isn’t quite sure if it is reciprocated. I especially like the 4 vacation sites and your comments about them — how often are we that honest? Thanks for the mention (what a surprise and I mean it!)

    1/14/2006 05:32:16 PM

    Sharkbait said…
    Only because I heart you.

    And I’ll even post a pic of me from the paaartaaay last night.

    1/14/2006 07:10:06 PM

    Kristin said…
    I’m sure you looked hot. In your sweatpants and frizzy hair.

    Waiting for an update on the date.

    1/15/2006 11:33:39 AM

    A Unique Alias said…
    I refuse to play, because I’m gruff. Gruffity gruffity gruff.

    1/19/2006 04:12:51 PM

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