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Once Bitten Twice Shy

You’ve probably read about this on other sites, but a bunch of bloggers had their material plagiarized by a Ukranian man who stole material via RSS feed. That’s why mine is off. Sorry. You’ll have to do the linking thing or whatever, but I don’t want my blog on some random website without my being given the chance to approve it or not. Anyway, I filed a complaint with Google AdSense because the guy was making money off our content. And some drain on Google’s payroll decided to forward my WHOLE FUCKING COMPLAINT to the Ukrainian. And since they requested my contact info, yes yes. Now I’m getting threats from the Ukranian. Believe me, if I end up dead, my family has been instructed to visit the folks at Google for a cup of coffee and a lawsuit. Larissa got this article written. Good work girl!

The date with the baby Craigslister didn’t happen. It seems that he decided he wanted to do something on a night when I didn’t have my morning gym commitment. He didn’t want me to worry about not being able to drink, falling asleep, getting home, yawning. Whatever. Anyway, we decided to bag it until Saturday. Which sucks because I have plans for the next two weekends solid. I sort of wanted to be lazy and do nothing this weekend. My parents are coming next weekend (hide the porn.)

Anyway, the Craigslister (#6 y’all!) sent me texts and emails today saying that he expects big things to happen with us, that he knows he already likes me, blah blah blah. The funny thing is, that he’s like an online dating novice. I’ve been through this a thousand times where you think “this one could be different” and nope. You still end up running home. So, we’ll see.

Someone who shall remain nameless referred me to another online dating website that I had yet to post and ad with. My first and only response was from this guy. Brace yourselves. Seriously.

At least I know he likes babies. And when this mofo says, “I’m so hungry I could eat an arm,” he’s probably not kidding either.


  1. playfulindc


    Where is the arm, V??? Where is the arm??

  2. Larissa

    He’s still threatening you? Oh dear. This whole thing has gotten too surreal. And not in a good way.

  3. Jessie



    I just don’t know what to say to that. I can’t decide which is worse: the fact that a man think a picture like that will really bag him a woman, or…actually…nothing is worse then that.

  4. CrazyGirl

    Wow. He is…….weird.

  5. homeimprovementninja

    HAHAHAHA! Ehhhh, laughing about the baby guy, not the crazy Ukranian.

    I don’t know what’s weirder:
    1) that he shaves all his body hair off;
    2) that he thinks a shaved/shirtless pic of himself isn’t homo-erotic;
    3) that he poses with a fake baby to make him seem more sensitive;
    4) or thinking that posing shaved/shirtless with a mutilated fake baby won’t give you a silence of the lambs vibe.

    Why don’t you one-up the Ukrainian. Forward his threats (with a CC) to the FBI, and FinCEN. The Ukraine is a prime money-laundering locale, so you would be doing your patriotic duty.

  6. Kayla

    Why … look at his perky nipples! (not the ukranian… I am sure his nipples are little and hairy)

    You give me information Ukranian’s contact. I call and give threatens in thick accent..ya?

  7. Charming, but single

    Uh, what has Google said about all of this? Tools. All of them.

  8. Reya Mellicker

    Are you sure he likes babies?

  9. La Whisky

    I really want to be fair to this guy, but the fact that he shaves his chest and lets himself be talked into taking creepy photos, and _then_ actually uses them on his dating profiles, automatically renders him non-bonafide. What was that site? My dating dysfunction needs to know.

  10. barbara

    Velvet — There must be a better way to meet people. This guy gives me the creeps! You just need a nice normal guy!

  11. Siryn

    Another kLaSs aKt.

    What the hell, V? Really.

    He’s like the 4th male lead in Theater of the Bizarre.

  12. Sharkbait

    What the heck-seriously? I swear only you!

    And I miss you And I am back from france.

  13. Elvis

    This blog keeps getting better and better. And… it’s been said once. Gotta say it again. Craigslist is your crack.

  14. Johnny


    have u hidden the porn yet?


  15. Sandra Dee

    This guy’s disturbing. A fake baby?? Eeek. Good luck – we’re counting on you … and a full report after the date. 🙂

  16. Serena

    Ok, the doll is seriously a little creepy and makes me question his emotional maturity. Of course, I might be willing to question it in further depth while feeling those muscles.

  17. I-66

    Every single thing going on here makes me want to vomit.

  18. Monica

    I completely agree with homeimprovementninja who said to forward the Ukranian’s threats to the FBI. Let him know he is messing with the wrong person. Honestly. You safety is first and if he has been cowardly enough to steal other people’s stuff, he is surely cowardly enough to try to hide behind the cyberspace walls. We cannot let him win!

  19. Scarlet

    Bad, Google! I am upset they messed up like this. We’ve got your back. Or maybe Muscles will.

  20. I-66

    Yes! If we let foreign threats go unpunished then the Ukranians have won!

  21. Kristin

    I’ll kick someone if I have to. I’ve got your back; unfortunately, I’m kind of a wimp.

  22. Pele

    I’ve been super busy at work and then had trouble with blogger showing me your old sight. Glad I found you again. Jamy gave me a preview of the Ukranian thing a few weeks ago but I had no idea it had gotten this out hand!

    Threats? Really? From an ass-hole who is just stealing your writing? Someone in the Ukrain needs to get a life.

  23. MappyB

    Where is Jack Bauer when you need him? For both these men you are discussing.

    I am really disturbed for you about this Ukrainian man, seriously. We need to get together and talk!

    And Craig’s List. GIRL – STOP. Want to go see the movie? I think it comes out tomorrow for a week. You need help. Try Match. Eharmony. 🙂

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