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See You On The Other Side

I called the Ninja to check on the status of his home improvement project. After we finished discussing his progress, he asked me how my life was going. Then I told him. Then he said, “You know, this stuff is gold, and it never makes the blog anymore. I’m glad I’m friends with you so I get to hear it though.”

He’s right. He’s 100% right. Couple that with the dozen other reasons why, and, people, it’s time. I think we all knew it was coming.

There’s plenty to say, but I have nothing I really want to say, except one thing.

I’m done.


  1. Momentary Academic

    Oh Velvet. Thanks for the fun. I hope that we are able to meet again. Best wishes to you. 🙂

  2. KM

    Goodbye, Velvet. You taught us all a lesson: never, ever start a blog.

  3. Old Lady

    Good Luck! Have fun!

  4. Aunt SuSu

    I will miss you – I always check your blog first! But I do understand and those sweet doggies need some more Mom time – not to mention Sherlock. I wish you only the best and hope to hear another announcement from you soon…be well and be happy!

  5. Haveyouseenlucky

    Just wanted to say one more time.

    I told you so.

    (Oh, and you’ll be back.)

  6. rob

    let it be known that you’ve always had the most entertaining– and just as important– most well-written blog in the area. and that is no contest. carry on, v…do whatchugottado.

  7. upstairs neighbor

    damn… it has been great and you are the best. good luck with everything and remember there’s always a place for you to stay when you come out to the left coast. miss you already.

  8. Bug

    I just found you, and you’re leaving. Sad. Best of luck, always!

  9. etcetera

    see you at the dog park!

  10. Martin

    What, another beautiful, smart, independent D.C. bloggin’ woman has moved on to greener pastures?


    Velvet, it was a pleasure to meet you and talk to you. You’ve got a gift and I hope to see you put it to use full-time. I can also forgive your dubious choice of Presidential candidates for all the great housing info you gave me on the DL. 🙂

    You rock. Best wishes to you in whatever you do.

  11. WildBill

    I’ll miss you. Just knowing that you were there, observing live and posting … somehow made my soul a little more soothed.

    Will you come back?

  12. kob

    People were telling me this and I was afraid to look.

  13. VJ

    Sorry to see you go kid. It was fun while it lasted. Cheers & Good Luck! ‘VJ’

  14. Ulysses

    Didn’t you suggest that when you stop communicating, people would be driven to stalk you? It’s gonna look like The Network following you around if we don’t specialize.
    I call the Sports Authority changing room.

  15. Alejandra

    You go girl! (I don’t believe I’ve ever actually used that phrase before…)

    Best to you…

  16. Heather B.

    I had heard, but needed to come see for myself.

    There’s always the ocassional HH and drink fest….Enjoy your new freedom.

  17. Glitterati

    Bye Velvet, it’s been swell! Happy Days!

  18. Markos

    I want to thank you for the “brilliant” categorization. I appreciate that you appreciate me.


  19. namaste

    mmmmmmmmmm. not you too!

  20. Drunken Chud

    dammit. i finally get back from my month and a half long drunken bender only to find you are no longer blogging. life sucks. time to go back to my bender. see ya in the fall when i’ll either be dead or in failing health, an expecting father, or perfectly healthy with my shit together. only time will tell. see ya on the other side chica.

  21. CrazyGirl

    Wow. I’ve been so damn MIA that its not even funny. I’ve said it before, but I mean it now….I started day shift last week so we really need to do drinks soon.

  22. Merujo

    I’m really sorry to see your blog gone. I come back every once in a while to see if you’ve decided to venture back, but, alas, it’s not to be. I wish you good luck, wherever your adventures take you. Cheers!

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