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In the End, It Doesn’t Even Matter

It’s funny how quickly things can change in life. This is the photographic representation of my life two months ago from today.


After 60 days thoroughly expunging, here I am now:


Much like the view of New York City is better from the outlying boroughs, the clarity I have without all these things going on around me is crystal. Sometimes you get so caught up in the day to day, that you lose sight of the big picture.



  1. freckledk

    You’re such a smartie. God love ya, cause I sure do.

  2. Chico's Bail Bonds

    I can’t believe you were able to escape from a DQ Strawberry Cheesecake Blizzard… you’re a better person than me… those things are delicious!

    But I am happy that you’re doing better, even if you didn’t come by Miami.

  3. Wicked H

    Days are going to be bright and sun-shiny from now on? Most excellent!!!!

  4. upstairs neighbor

    what state are you in now? you better be heading westward…

  5. E :)

    Perspective is priceless…

  6. b

    That’s one helleva two month period. Excellent!

  7. Velvet

    Neighbor – I haven’t left AZ. I can’t possibly drive any further. I’m dead. My friends are never going to be able to kick me out of their mountain-view house. Fucking love this place.

    B – You gotta work at it. It’s hard.

  8. Drunken Chud

    you slid to the upper left of my acid trip? that’s pretty cool.

  9. Home I'mprovement Ninja

    I’m not very good at symbolism, but let me take a guess. It’s like one of those Fellini films, right? The swirly thing represents some kind of post-modern existentialism and the chick with the lollipop represents mans’ struggle against industrialized society, right?

  10. Red

    I found you and your back. Stay with us sistah!

  11. minijonb

    i just like looking at the swirly pictures…


    glad you’re in a good place.

  12. barbara

    Now that you’ve been on the outside of the vortex for a while, aren’t you ready to get right back in it? You know that’s where you will end up!

  13. Not So Little Woman

    I’m so happy you were able to get out of all of that. I never doubted you would. Now, wouldya please hand over the recipe?

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