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Fuck You Michael Vick. I Hope You Die, Part Deux

First, my homestate is the best. I love you Connecticut, for being all progressive. Though, I’ll never move back. Sorry about that. I gots too many tattoos and you gots too many yuppies and nouveaux riche.

So, Peta sent me an email. They said, “Thanks Velvet for your support. Because of your action and those of more than 263,000 others who contacted the NFL through our campaign, the league yesterday ordered Vick to stay out of training camp.”

Good. But Peta wants us to do more.

The Humane Society is demanding he be dropped by Nike. Sign the petition! I have to agree. As a runner, I already pay too much money for sneakers. I don’t want the extra money I pay to go to this slimebucket piece of shit, trashy motherfucker.

Just a hint: You only need provide first and last name and email address. So, let’s say for instance that Sammy and Thora had their own email address…well, they can sign the petition too. So they did.


  1. Ashburnite

    I thought Nike had already dropped him.

    And they told him not to come to training camp, but he’s still getting paid. He’s basically suspended with pay. Not good enough.

  2. Drunken Chud

    funny, everybody bitches about vick and him raising animals to do what animals will do, and yet pacman jones is a name i am sure none of you know. way to be up on players doing bad by… oh yeah, humans.

  3. Ashburnite

    DC- I actually have heard of pacman jones. No one is saying that this situation is any worse. How is it that so many people are jumping down the throats of those of us who are outraged? None of us are saying that torturing dogs is worse than torturing humans. You’re missing the point. We live in what is supposed to be a civilized country. Yet we have people like Vick, who people idolize, doing disturbing things to other living creatures. And it has been proven over and over that the kind of person who could torture an animal is the same kind of person who will eventually kill a person- either way you slice it, it’s sociopathic behavior. Someone who can look at an animal- something that is completely innocent- and then torture it is someone with no regard for any kind of life; someone who does not possess the kind of morality or sympathy for other creatures that would keep most of us from doing something like that.

    pacman jones is a thug who’s ego got way out of hand. Was what he did wrong? absolutely, and I hope he spends a great deal of time in jail. But that situation does not make the Vick situation any less worthy of our attention. Jones was suspended without pay for the entire 2007 season, and there’s a good chance he won’t be playing at all- ever. Vick was suspended, yes, but with pay. The most he’s going to get is a fine and a slap on the wrist.

    Are we saying that an animal’s life is more valuable than a person’s? Not at all. The point is that Vick is a sociopath, and behaved in a manner not appropriate for a civilized society.

  4. Ashburnite

    I also have to wonder about the people who aren’t angry about this. They’re probably the same kind of people going to the dog fights and betting on which dog will tear the other apart.

  5. JohnnyDC

    I just laugh, well, because its his own dumbass retardedness that kissed his contract good bye.

    Sad part, he already scored the 60 mil bonuses of his contract already.


  6. Drunken Chud

    i guess i’m just apathetic towards the whole thing. i could care less about dogs killing dogs. or dudes killing dogs. am i an animal person? yes. i worked as a horse trainer for 8 years. i hate to see cruelty, but for some reason i just can’t seem get outraged about this. i could really care less.

  7. Inowpronounceyou

    I never thougth I’d see the day, but we agree on something; Michael Vick gets a special place in hell.

    That and being from CT.

  8. Velvet

    Chud – Um…since Ashburnite slapped you down hardcore, I’m just going to laugh at you. Go back to reading erotica, mmmkay?

    Ash – Damn you are good. You missed your calling. A logical argument like that screams LAWYER!

    Johnny DC – Hopefully he’ll be fined enough to have to pay some of that 60 mil back.

    I Now Pronounce You – Since we’ve never met, you should reserve your opinion until then. I’m not the evil witch everyone in your camp makes me out to be. I just don’t tolerate bullshit and liars, putting some of your buds squarely in my line of fire. You just got trampled a little at the time because of association. Shall I ask where in CT? Oh, how it’s changed…I try to not go back.

  9. TC the Terrible


    The way NFL contracts are worded the players are paid for playing games, not practicing. So yes, he gets a small stipend and his per diem but that’s it. The big money won’t come until the start of the pre-season which is why so many players hold out or sit out during training camp. It doesn’t really hurt them to do it.

    The Falcons can go after bonus money that they have already paid him if they decide to cut him from the roster. They have to be careful about that though, because if they cut him for this and he is found not guilty later down the line it sets them up for a serious lawsuit over due process. His behavior up until now has been good so the league can’t really go after him like they did Pacman Jones or Tank Johnson since those two were repeat offenders.

    The Falcons and the NFL were talking about making Vick take a paid leave of absence for the season. In the end Vick wouldn’t do it because he wanted to play and the Falcons’ owner didn’t want to shell out the $60M for a guy that was sitting at home. The latest is the Falcons were going to cut him this week and go after the bonus money. The NFL cautioned them to hold off until the lawyers could see how this Thursday plays out. Remember, he’s not been tried, only indited. And a grand jury can indite a toaster if they want to. The level of burden of proof is really, really low for a grand jury as most episodes of Law and Order point out.

    All that said, I think the Falcons should cut his ass before the start of the season and move on. But who am I, and what the hell do I know?

  10. Inowpronounceyou

    I really was joking about the commonality, and I don’t have an opinion. We don’t know each other, and I don’t make snap judgements.

    I was born in Manchester and have 5 sets of aunts/uncles and god knows how many cousins running around up there. I don’t get back much, though, for the same reason.

  11. Velvet

    Did you hear about the Cheshire home invasion? CT so rarely makes the news, well, other than Alien ID Cards and Home Invasions. And when the occasional hedge fund guy makes another billion.

    Do you know Lucas…oh shit…what’s his name…but he’s from Manchester. Damn. My friend dated him for a long ass time. They went to UConn together. Hmm.

  12. Dara

    FYI, ESPN’s reporting that Vick might have a tough trial in the Eastern District of Va.

    Having done a little bit of work down there, I’d concur. The judges are tough and the process moves really fast. It’s often called “the rocket docket.”

  13. Drunken Chud

    she didn’t slap me down. in fact, if i had the motivation, i would drive trucks through the holes in her argument. but the fact of the matter is, this is a country of presumed innocence. i guess i try to stick by that. you know, wanting the same treatment should i ever end up in the court system and all.

  14. Inowpronounceyou

    I did see that story, and I thought the same thing…this is happening in CT?

    I don’t know anyone named Lucas, but i do know lots of people from UCONN.

  15. Velvet

    INPY…I just thought of something else we have in common. I think we both hate the same blogger! Well, I know I hate this person, and I’m just guessing that you do as well, based on your lack of association with said blogger. Said blogger seems to have disappeared though…too bad. Cue sarcasm.

    Chud – You know I love you! You have to admit, she had a well written argument though.

  16. Inowpronounceyou

    Excellent point…and he has indeed disapeared.

    I sense a burying of hatchets and a drink in our future.

  17. Velvet

    Perhaps. Bonding over enemies…that usually works out quite nicely. But you won’t catch me dead at another Happy Hour. Well, maybe dead. If someone kills me and then drags my body there.

  18. James Anderson

    The best way to hurt this guy is to get him banned from the NFL.

  19. cliff

    Mike Vick u are worthless…piece of shit…and if u were white id say the same thing so dont gimme no racial shit…you should die and i seriously hope someone kills u in prison

  20. Kill Vick Die Vick

    fuck you vick. i hope you go to jail and get fuck in the ass. i hope you get aids or some type of cancer and die soon. i wish i know where you live so i can kill you in front of your family. beofore the killing i would cut your hands and foot and toss you in the pool. just know you have me that will kill you if you get out of jail. can’t wait for you to get out.

  21. Jim


    I also have to wonder about the people who arent angry about this. Theyre probably the same kind of people going to the dog fights and betting on which dog will tear the other apart.

    You mean the same kind of “uneducated fucking Jig’s” Dont let me get to close to that fucking monkey! The only thing he will get from me is a trip to the hospital….

  22. Ashburnite

    Jim….. excited to see me? Or did you just agree with what I was saying? 🙂

  23. kathy


  24. kathy

    DIE michael vick

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