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Homeward Bound Needs a Hand

In an effort to keep your attention pointed toward things that matter when it comes to animals, I’m plugging Homeward Bound again. Actually, Holly came up with a great idea and since I’m all about helping animal groups WHO CARE SELFLESSLY (cough, Friendship, cough, stupid WHS blog) here you go.

Dogs available for adoption live at their kennel if there aren’t any foster homes available. You know, much like children in an orphanage. What? It’s true! Anyway, so the dogs cannot have toys and treats because they are pack animals and will become aggressive. They only get a towel to sleep on. Trust me, I thought this was mean, but it’s what the group has to do to ensure everyone’s safety – dog and human.

So they have found an alternative to the towel. They are getting the dogs real beds. Well, they look more like cots, but still. If you can help, it would be greatly appreciated. A bed would be optimal, but if you cannot afford the $48 – $52 for it, then click the donate button on their website.

Doggie beds sold here. Any size will work. Select “Homeward Bound Pet Rescue Inc – Ellijay, GA” in the drop down box.

As always, the doggies thank you!


  1. zipcode

    awesome post

  2. JohnnyDC

    What people need is a no money down, interest only balloon loan.

    Make it happen, Velvet!

  3. E

    Love the baby doggies.

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