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Doggie Adoption Sunday!

Holly and the Homeward Bound Crew are coming up here with doggies this weekend!

Sunday October 26, 2008 at the PetSmart in Potomac Yard, 3351 Jefferson Davis Highway, Arlington, VA 22305. Their phone is (703) 739-4844.

They are bringing about 30 dogs ranging in age from 9 weeks to 3 years. All dogs are spayed/neutered, current to age on vaccines, dewormed, heartworm negative and started on monthly flea and tick preventative.

The adoption fee is $250, cash only.

All animals can be viewed on

They also desperately need volunteers! Please email and let them know if you can volunteer.   This is where I’ll be because despite my type-A, “take no shit from no one” personality, Holly has been bossing me around like her little bitch ever since we waited tables in that sports bar in Connecticut in 1998 and she was running my food and fell on her ass. Apparently that was my fault, because I watched her fall and didn’t offer to help because I was very very busy talking to some beast of a man with a shaved head and a ton of tattoos. (Hello? It was Connecticut in the late 90’s. What did you expect?) I didn’t get a tip from that table, and Holly had fish sticks in her hair and we took it next door to the Villa where we battled it out until some drunkard fell off his barstool, but on the way down said, “You two should wrestle it out. I’ll get the blender and make some jello!”

See you there, bitches.


  1. barbara

    I will try to show up sometime in the afternoon to help out. But under no circumstances am I to come home with a dog. One is enough, HE says.

  2. wildbill

    You bring both her And 6’s and I’ll not only drive down and help, I’ll bring the kiddie pool, jello and my video camera… I will get a Million Youtube hits with that tape baby! And I bet Mr. X will want to go down and watch too!

  3. zipcode

    I totally want to volunteer for this…………..this is my thing!
    I will send her an email!

  4. Phil

    Jello-wrestling would certainly bring more dudes with cash and move more dogs, if that’s what you’re getting at.

  5. Dara

    Perfect timing, since I really really really want a puppy now that I have a condo to keep one in! Hope they have something small . . .

  6. I-66

    What time are we talking here?

  7. Velvet

    10-6! Hooray!

  8. LivitLuvit

    Thank god I was in CR for this… I wouldn’t have been able to resist!

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