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Blow Out the Candle, I Will Burn Again Tomorrow

Well, it’s official. I tried to hold out. I tried to fake it. I tried to pretend it wasn’t happening. I tried to reason with people and explain that the things they do seriously impede my progress in achieving their goals. I emailed an outline for how to make minor corrections to change everything. No response. I emailed again. No response again. I plead for everyone to get software training and to stop coming to me. I beg people to write things down when I teach them how to do something mega-complicated like insert a row and hide a column on Excel. I ask why everyone comes to me and why everything gets dumped on me. I also ask why I am suddenly responsible for a software I have no training on, and I’m not in IT. I’m in fucking Finance. Crickets.

I. Hate. My. Fucking. Job.

Tomorrow I get to go listen to my boss give a speech that I wrote. A speech that talks about how far we’ve come, blah blah blah.

What a fucking joke. I wonder if it can even be read with a straight face.

What I plan to do is convert myself from one of competence to incompetence. I plan to watch several deadlines come and go and to not have the work done. I can’t wait for the clients to start complaining about wonder-child who can do no wrong, Velvet. I cannot wait. Then, perhaps, someone will listen.

If this economy was any better at all, I would be so out of there.   This will be the place where I probably walk, and not give any notice at all.

That will be fun.


  1. lacochran

    In change there is opportunity. Even in rough times, good people get hired. Might be worth a look around.

  2. always write

    If you do walk, I’ve got a good line for you: When a friend of mine quit her lousy college waitress job and the manager told her she was required to give two weeks’ notice, she told him, “Well, for the next two weeks you can notice that I’m not here.”

  3. Ulysses

    I got to that point 6 weeks ago, turned in my 4 weeks notice 5 weeks ago, and at the end of last week, my first at the new place, I was so comfortable and happy I felt like I’d been there a month. Which is good, ’cause the way my 401K has gone, I think I might owe money by the time I turn 65

  4. Shannon

    I once wrote a resignation letter, in crayon, that said, “So long, suckers!” It is the greatest regret of my life that I didn’t submit it.

  5. Phil

    People who are indispensable also do not get fired.

    Keep that in mind when you are sticking it to the man.

  6. LiLu

    My new job is a HUGE upgrade… I think it’s hard for entry-level or super experienced right now, but with SOME experience, it’s not so bad… you could end up getting paid a salary that seems ridiculous to you for a job you’re not QUITE as qualified for… but you were the bargain choice, you know? Can’t hurt to look…

  7. Brett

    Look at the job boards- there are still jobs out there. I’m in staffing, so believe me- it’s just tougher to find the RIGHT job. PS email me if you’re interested in any recruiting help.

  8. JohnnyDC

    You’ve heard of compounding interest?

    I propose the theory of compounding idiocy.

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