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Love, Look What You’ve Done to Me

Dear Lauren:

He and I walked down T Street toward each other, and both turned the same way heading north toward U Street. He was holding a bottle of wine and had a very heavy looking backpack strapped on him. I was right behind him until he veered off toward his apartment. He was obviously in a hurry.

When he pulled his keys out of a side pocket of his backpack and jumped up the stairs to his building in one swift move, he didn’t see the piece of paper that fell out on to the ground. It fluttered back and forth like a leaf until it landed right in front of me on the brick sidewalk.

It said: Lauren. (202) XXX-XXXX.

I yelled up to him, “Hey, you dropped something. Do you need this paper?” He looked confused for a split second, until his face formed a look of relief I haven’t seen since 1999, when my then-boyfriend only saw one pink line show up in the window.

He said, “Thank you. Oh my God, thank you so much.”

I said, “No problem. I saw it had a phone number on it. Figured you might need it.”

He thanked me again.

I rounded the corner on to U Street and just before I was out of sight, I heard him yell one more time, “Thank you so much.”

He’s welcome. And he better call you.

Wishing Happy Relationships For All of Dupont Circle,
Velvet in Dupont


  1. mysterygirl!

    Oh my gosh– look at you, you’re like the relationship fairy these days. If you could wave your wand and bestow some of your good fortune on me, I’d appreciate it.

  2. Velvet

    MG, I’m like wayyyy gay now.

    Truth be told, I was impressed with how nice and thankful he was. That’s rare in D.C. Only place I’ve lived where a gesture like that will usually just get you grunted at, and rarely would I expect to hear a “thank you,” much less three.

  3. Divorcee

    I could use a little help…..want to visit? Do you have wings?

  4. Velvet

    Divorcee – Can’t you just swing by Glory Days and pick up some man-meat? No? It’s closed? How about Casey’s? Closed too? Damn. Those were all my hunting-grounds. All closed now.

  5. jordanbaker

    I’m not just impressed by you, I’m impressed by the old school dude who writes down numbers on paper rather than plugging them right into his phone.

  6. Margie

    The good Karma fairy soooo has her eyes on you now; well done.

  7. Velvet

    JB – Ha ha. I was wondering that too!!! But maybe he got her number when he was in a place with no reception? Couldn’t get something plugged into his phone? Dead battery? I don’t know, but it is very old school isn’t it? And now, you can’t even give out wrong numbers because any time I’ve given my number out, the dude calls before we leave the venue.

    Margie – Thanks!

  8. carrie m

    actually, you totally *are* the good karma and/or relationship fairy. shortly after you and I emailed the last time and I told you how crappy my latest dating adventure was (not) going, I met someone awesome. So…thanks for your benevolence!

  9. homeimprovementninja

    I always (well before my GF at least) would get phone numbers on paper. It’s retro!

  10. JohnnyDC

    iz u preggers yet? 😀

  11. Phil

    His drug dealer.

  12. Divorcee

    Casey’s (you mean Sundown) ahhhh I believe they are like 15 or something in there……wait Glory Days is still there…..options…..mmmmm…

  13. Redhead

    It’s kind of sweet and tingly to hear about a guy who seems excited to just be able to talk to a girl. *sigh*

  14. tanning bud

    Miss ya, Velvet!

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