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You’ve Done Your Sowing, Now You Can Do Your Reaping, Maybe You Should Have Thought About That When You Were Cheatin’

Some poor schmuck was standing on an intersection at Tyson’s today, holding this sign:


“I Cheated. This is my Punishment.”

Well played to the girlfriend. Very well played.

Only when you know the pain caused by cheating will you cease to ever do it again. I broke a heart when I cheated, and so I never did it again. Even when I should have.



  1. homeimprovementninja

    Poor sap. I have a feeling that this is not the end of his punishment.

  2. Velvet

    Ninja – Someone at work just said this – why would he do this because it will never be over for her. The relationship is over dude. Get a clue.

  3. Washington Cube

    I wish I could poke (get it?) fun at him, but I can’t. I think he’s trying to save what’s been damaged beyond repair. There’s something very Puritanical about this. Put him in the public stocks. Let the neighbor’s jeer. I’m not laughing. Just evidence of another relationship that didn’t work.

  4. gunnlino

    I agree, as long as this dimwit stays with the woman who brow beat him into this degradation he will have no peace.

    As long as she has a memory he’s toast.

  5. Phil

    I tend to agree with Cube’s line of thinking – there is something noble about this young man. He’s taking punishment that seemingly he could easily have just said “to hell with this” and walked away.

    Not to say there isn’t some comedy in this, or that he is above mockery. But his willingness to accept the mockery for his deed is a bit inspiring.

  6. Washington Cube

    I’m in total agreement, Phil. He could have just walked. I find it rather noble, like a knight, and don’t laugh. Yes. He cheated. Be he’s taking it like a man and facing his wrongdoing to his love.

  7. Danni

    Just heard this whole thing was a hoax by way of Kane a la hot 99.5.. booooo

  8. Jenn

    I wonder what his prize was.

  9. healey

    That…is SO AWESOME. hahah. and why he still wants to be in that relationship – nobody knows.

  10. Barbara

    If this is it, he’s getting off far too easy! I wonder how many hours he had to be on display?

    Speaking of signs, have you ever checked out the guy that has been at the corner of 34th and Mass for decades complaining about the pedophiles of the Catholic Church? That is devotion to a cause of a very different kind.

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