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Happy Birthday Thora!

Well, I really did it this time. I made that bacon cake and had a little party for Thora with a couple of her little neighborhood doggie friends.   I haven’t managed to keep a goldfish, hamster or chinchilla alive anywhere near their expected lifespan. So this? Thora’s 10th Birthday? This is a big deal.

Last year I bought her a cake from one of those fancy dog places. Twenty bucks down the garbage chute. She hated it. I couldn’t even carve into it. I think they tried to pass off a week-old cake on me. It was gross. Even Sammy wouldn’t eat it, and that is rare. Sammy has never met a morsel of food that he didn’t like.

This year I wanted to make her a cake. I googled and found recipes, but this one sounded the best:

Bacon Chicken Layer Cake

3 cups flour
1 T Baking Powder
1/2 cup Margarine
6 eggs
1/2 cup corn oil
2 jars strained chicken baby food
2 cups shredded carrots (I didn’t use these)
plain or vanilla yogurt (I used cream cheese)
2-3 strips Bacon fried crisp (I used the whole package, 14 strips)

Mix everything together except the yogurt/cream cheese and bacon, beat for 2 minutes, put in two 8 inch rounds and bake at 325 for 60 minutes.

When the cake cools, frost it with the yogurt or cream cheese, and layer bacon in between the tiers. Yum yum.


The dogs, by the way, will look like this during this step:


Then you put the top part on to the bacon and cream cheesed part and frost the rest. Then you can have some fun with it.


I used Puperoni sticks for candles. But obviously I didn’t light them.

When we unveiled the cake, X said I should just put it in front of her. So I did. She went for the Puperoni stick first.   Then she went after the “T” in Thora. Ted helped.


The other dogs, my Sammy and Ester’s Dudley, were both rapt with their marrow bones, and didn’t realize “cake-gate 2009” was happening just a few steps from them.


So we cut some pieces off for Sammy and Dudley and let them share in the cake goodness. X’s human kids, Number 1 and Number 2 thought they were going to get to try the Bacon Cake. But they renegged when they heard “baby food” as an ingredient.

After her plate of meat and her bacon cake, and her new presents, Thora was sufficiently pooped. Too tired to move. Poor baby.


Happy Birthday my little Princess!


In other dog news: Homeward Bound is doing another adoption at PetSmart this week in Potomac Yard. Today from 3-6, Saturday 10-6 and Sunday 10-5. Come rescue a dog instead of going to a breeder! Mutts and strays need love too!

Details here!


  1. zipcode

    That is too cute, Thora is very lucky to have you

  2. Phil

    Good call on the cream cheese. Yogurt sounds disgusting.

    I would totally eat that cake, otherwise.

  3. Washington Cube

    Happy Birthday Thora. You’re mother is a free woman…and creative.

  4. Barbara

    Happy birthday, Thora! My Jake would be barfing all over the house if I fed him anything like this, but it was a very cute idea. I’m glad she liked it!

  5. Velvet

    Zippy – Thank you. But I like to think its me – I’m lucky to have Thora.

    Phil – Yeah, I just couldn’t see my dogs eating something like yogurt when the times I offered them some they ate it sort of begrudgingly. And you CAN eat the cake… you know the rescue group my friend runs is out of Georgia. She and one of the other officers of the group and three teenagers from Marietta all piled in a van and brought the dogs up here. So I can put the rest of this cake in her van and it can be back to you by Monday!!!

    Cubie – Free free free! Woo hoo!

    Barbara – Well, I will admit that there is some putrid farting going on in my house, but I won’t admit to whether some of that farting existed pre-Bacon Cake. Damn it was worth it though to see Thora eat that cake on her own.

  6. Phil

    MMmmm — nothing like cake half-eaten by dogs and transported in a packed van for 10 hrs…..

  7. Cyndy

    Thora must have had a very happy birthday! Not many dogs have a mommy who will make them a cake and throw them a party for their birthday.

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