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Take My Hand, Take My Whole Life Too

The ring drama continues. I found this great notched ring that I even sent the link for to Tyler, thinking it could help him solve his issue too with their ring. Today the ring arrived. I knew X was coming through the garage at the same time Fed Ex was pulling up to the front but it didn’t stop me from ripping open the package. Wait, let’s do a quick review first.

My ring is a solitaire and very low set. I decided I needed something like this to fit snugly against my ring:


So that’s what we ordered. They even called X to ask the measurements of my diamond which he gave them and we were so excited to get the ring. Back to today. Fed Ex arrives, I ripped open the ring and I think my jaw dropped to the floor. I said to the dogs, “What the f is this?” Then X walked in.

The band you see above is mostly flattened out with a nice sizeable notch. Right? Right.

This is what arrived today:


Of course you can’t see what I really want you to see, but basically it’s a misshapen, sort of knife’s edge thing with a barely discernible notch in it. It wasn’t surprising to me that the picture could be so far removed from the product. What was surprising was that the guy actually called X and got the measurements and they “custom made” this ring for us. So, uh….we have to send it back. And we’re back to square one.

According to my dad, he’s still working on a Justice of the Peace and we’re still looking for invitations. Then I realized we have to make food choices so that we can put those on the reply card. This shit is hard. No wonder people hire Wedding Coordinators for them.


  1. Tyler

    Ugh… Sorry to hear it didn’t work! 🙁

    I am glad that we have a bunch of time to iron all these things out… Good luck!!

  2. Cyndy

    It is hard! There are so many details. The thing I dreaded the most was having to do the whole gift registry thing. It’s kind of stressful having to select a bunch of stuff for people to give you when you have no idea whether or not you really want it or would even end up using it. It felt like I was being forced into being wasteful and/or ungrateful or something. That’s what made me want to elope, more than anything else. Oh and disagreement with my parents about what band we’d have. Anyway, good luck with everything!

  3. Washington "Working Pigtails Today" Cube

    Yeah…the band, the flowers, the food. Are you reading wedding blogs, Velv? You should be…loads of good ideas.

    The groom’s cake, the shoes, the buttoniere.

    Color schemes, shoes, honeymoon.

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