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But I’m Gonna Be Where The Lights Are Shinin’ On Me…Like A Rhinestone Cowboy

I have no idea what comprises the vortex that steals my day.

I need some different men as I have realized something incredibly moronic:

The three men I have lined up on Yahoo to go out with all have the same name. While this could be highly convenient, I will never be able to keep the details of their lives straight. They are all one and the same to me now. I officially need a personal assistant or an agent or something to ensure these things don’t happen to me anymore.


  1. Rhinestone Cowgirl

    I love the word I-66 came up with for this – “blorgy.” 🙂

    It was great meeting you, and I didn’t even notice the spitting! We should definitely get a foursome together soon.

  2. I-66

    What do you MEAN no pictures jokes? Where’s the fun in that? You need an agent. Someone to negotiate contracts for you and keep your clients straight (Not hetero straight, organized straight. Keeping them hetero straight is your job.)

  3. Crazy Girl City

    They all have the same name? Damn. Are they all Mikes? That seems to be the most common boy name ever.

  4. Velvet

    A blorgy it is!

    I66 – I can’t have pics taken of me until my smile re-evolves into a complete smile. Not it’s just a smirk.

    CG – Sorry for the deluge of emails, but I had massive catching up to do on your blog, and when I think of something I just blab it on out there.

    No, they are all Steve’s. But now they should be Steve1, Steve2 and Steve3. And two other guys I was just talking to but have no plans to date are both Bill. I’ll have to change some of their names or something.

  5. Kristin

    Sign me up for the blorgy…

    I’m all about changing names. I have a friend named Rick but he looks more like a Mike to me, so I call him Mike the Marine. He doesn’t seem to mind. And really, how else are you supposed to keep the Ricks and the Steves and the Bills straight?

  6. shallowfag

    well…at least you got “something” from the bartender. My solution…no numbers or names for that matter…and everyone lives happily ever after. Shallow…but effective. I looked at 302…fun…needs lotsa work. Will be in touch with the terrorist realtor…who knows?

  7. Velvet

    Shallow Fag – You MUST buy that condo. It’s right below me! Think: Fire Pole. I’ll have material for this blog for years to come!! And I can do the home repairs for you. Just put aside $15,000 – $20,000 out of the proceeds of your condo and I’ll make it beauteous.

    K – you little vixen, how can you get away with calling a man by the wrong name?

  8. I-66

    cuz she’s fun and maybe a little snarky?

    word ver: gizlk…

    … is that like saltlick?

  9. Sharkbait

    You obviously have to start numbering the men. They no longer have names…just numbers! 🙂

    Hope you feel better soon!!!

    I have the pleasure of working with RC, and she’s fantastic.

  10. AsianMistress

    I’m down for an orgy of the hetero kind.


  11. AsianMistress

    P.S. My college roommate and I actually kept a list of name repeats between the two of us. We had 3 Johns, 3 Nicks, 2 Davids, 2 Shawn/Seans, 3 Mikes, and 2 Jeremys.

    And those are just the ones I can remember off the top of my head.

    It usually reverts to adjectives or just the simple “my Nick” or “your Nick” or “other Nick.”

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