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Cold Blood Is All You Bleed

Since I haven’t been returning his messages, I haven’t given The Bartender a chance to respond to my post on Saturday. I fully respect everyone’s First Amendment Rights, and it is only fair to let him speak, which he will now do via an email I received. Hopefully he doesn’t mind.

It’s been a few days since I’ve seen the blog but that is by choice. The BLOG was interesting and I enjoyed my time on it but I stopped reading it a week ago. Truth be told, it was a little bad for me cuz it provided fuel for my vanity. I have ALSO spent my 20’s in relationships (your tagline) and from those relationships I HAVE FRIENDS. Throwing out what has PAST is unhealthy and COLD and not MY style. Thanks for the chances we did hang out and give Sammy and Thora a kiss goodbye.

Don’t boycott my bar cuz YOU have a problem with ME. I have NO hostilities and pretty much expected that I would be on my way out before I could settle in. Men seem to have a VERY short shelf life in your life, as they should. I am making NO judgments or allegations so PLEASE do not take it as that.

The Bartender

Hmm. My comments:

First, I wouldn’t ever boycott a bar. That would be a sin. As childish as I can be at times, I don’t feel the need to avoid him.

Second, I appreciate the nod to Sammy and Thora. I do love those dogs more than anything else in this world.

Third, I just don’t agree with maintaining relationships with people from your past if those people can hijack any chance of happiness from your future. This happened in our case.

Finally, I have mixed emotions about the comment I have placed in bold. He expected to be on his way out before he could settle in? Men have a short shelflife with me? I’m stunned. It’s sort of funny at first, but then, it really just makes me sad.


  1. A Unique Alias

    Did he really capitalize all those words?

  2. Velvet

    You know, I’ve received two other emails asking the same question.

    Uh. Yes. He did. I only did the italics (to illustrate what he wrote) and the bold, to illustrate what a fruit loop I apparently am.

  3. I-66

    well if you are indeed a fruit loop, I hope you’re orange.

  4. Rhinestone Cowgirl

    Personally, my vote goes to cherry.

    Actually, I’m having trouble deciphering half of what he meant by this email. Based on what you told me on Sunday as well, it sounds like this couldn’t have ended a minute too soon.

  5. Velvet

    RC – I66 wins. Ahem, there is no more cherry anything round these parts. And when I see that you are commenting at 9:50 at night, I hear this song in my head by the Bee Gees…”You Should be Dancin….Yeah!”

  6. Rhinestone Cowgirl

    HA! Well said, my friend.

    At 9:50 on a Monday night, no I should NOT be dancing. I should be in my PJs.

  7. I-66

    winner winner chicken dinner!

    …but since I already ate, what do I win instead?

  8. Jo

    Ummm, yeah… even if you DO go through too many men (not saying you do), I’d say this one should’ve been out a while ago. He sounds like a total tool. And sort of dumb to boot.

  9. Velvet

    Jo! You’re new here! Hello and welcome to the hellhole that has become my life. But, wait – the Bartender was only around for 3 weeks. That’s not that long, uh, is it?

  10. Jo

    Three weeks of dating someone who talks like that (I’m assuming he speaks as he writes) is an ETERNITY… lol… kudos for keeping him around that long 😉

  11. A Unique Alias

    Something that concerns me about his e-mail, other than questions of style and grammar:

    “Men seem to have a VERY short shelf life in your life, as they should. I am making NO judgments”

    I’m not sure what sort of passive/aggressive combination of statements that is, but this guy seems sort of . . . “unwell.”

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