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Something More I’mportant Than Dating

I’ve refrained from mentioning any of this, because I really can’t talk about it without sobbing uncontrollably. But, Sammy, little dog, love of my life, is very ill.

The facts:

Thursday morning he woke up and wouldn’t get out of bed. He sat up on his front paws but was staring down, as if he was still asleep. When I got him outside for a walk, he was barely moving.Half way through the walk, his back legs started to tremble. His head and tail were down the whole time. I figured he was not feeling well with the extra rawhide he got a hold of on Wednesday. But we went to the vet. They took blood and did an exam. Said nothing was abnormal. They put him on anti-inflammatory medicine and also gave me painkillers.

Friday morning, he woke up and the same thing happened. Except he really couldn’t make it through his walk. Now all 4 legs are shaking. I went back to the vet again, and they took x-rays. They said they can’t figure it out, but to keep him on the painkillers.

Saturday morning he couldn’t walk without being in pain. He tried to get me to pick him up by standing on his back legs, and he started to shreik. This is very unlike him. He doesn’t cry out in pain unless it’s bad. When I even touched his front paw, he cried. My neighbor drove us to the vet. In the car when we went over a bump he cried in pain. The x-rays don’t seem to show anything they can figure out. The vet gave us more medicine but said there was nothing more they could do. My next stop is a Neurologist. They recommended South Paws in Fairfax.

Sunday he was limping.

Today, Monday, he was on his walk and half way through his tail went down, his head went down and he started heading toward home. When I took him off the leash, he ran to the front door of my building.

Sammy is 6. He’s a corgi mix, and they seem to be prone to having back problems. He had a back problem once before due to a disc that was rubbing his spine, but he was 2 and he got through it. This seems to be getting worse by the day. I have an appointment at South Paws tomorrow at 12:30.

Can anyone help me or tell me anything about South Paws, what could be causing this problem, what the outcome might be? All anyone keeps saying to me is that he will be ok, but I’m skeptical.

Dating stops until my dog is better. The only man who matters right now is Sammy. Sorry folks.

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  1. Velvet

    KOB said…
    Velvet — This is terrible, distressing news, and I feel sorry for you. You are doing all you can. Pets really are our family members.

    1/09/2006 06:43:40 PM

    Larissa said…
    so sorry dear! hope little sammy gets better. this probably isn’t the cause, but i figured i’d pass this article i just happened to read this morning on to you. maybe it’s something to ask the vet about?

    1/09/2006 07:21:05 PM

    Kristin said…
    I am so sorry. I’m here if you need me. Online, offline, drink in hand, whatever you need.

    1/09/2006 08:08:50 PM

    Stef said…
    Oh, Velvet. there’s nothing as heart-breaking as seeing an animal in pain, looking to you to make it better. I really feel for you.

    I don’t know anything about South Paws. I’ve taken Cleo to Friendship Hospital, right off of Wisconsin, for her check-ups. I’ve had them recommended to me. They’re pretty expensive, but I like that they’re open 24 hours with emergency services.

    Good luck, Sammy. I’ll be thinking about you both.

    1/09/2006 08:19:57 PM

    ~*~ said…
    Hey, found you via playfulindc. . .

    I am sorry to hear about Sammy! It does sound neurological. I’m hardly a DVM, but I’ve seen it before running around with the family vet when I was a kid growing up (The things I did when i was bored.. .) and a brief college experience.

    And thank you for the heads up on Corgi info. I rescued a Jack Russell/Corgi mix about a year ago.

    Positive thoughts. You and Sammy are in my prayers! ((((Huggles))))

    1/09/2006 08:48:38 PM

    Jamy said…
    I’m thinking a good thought for Sammy. Wish I could be more help, but if you need anything I’m here.

    1/09/2006 09:24:23 PM

    ~*~ said…

    I did some digging around. I found a site with case studies and found a few that were like Sammy’s.

    Check it out:

    I hope that helps.


    1/09/2006 09:27:36 PM

    Reya Mellicker said…
    Dr. Kocin at South Paws cured my dog of a urinary tract infection he couldn’t get rid of even though he took antibiotics for 6 weeks! He has also worked with Jake’s neuropathy in one paw. He’s great. Definitely take poor Sammy.

    I’m sending you lots of loving reiki energy!

    1/09/2006 09:41:07 PM

    Velvet said…
    KOB – Thanks. I won’t stop until my credit cards are maxed.

    Larissa – I don’t give him that food, but thanks for the article.

    K – Thanks!

    Stef – Thank you. As a pet owner, I’m guessing you know I would go to any lengths right now.

    ~*~ – Thanks for the site. I checked it out, it seems to have some similar stories on there.

    Jamy – Thanks! He’s my little love…I have to get him better.

    Reya – Good to know that you have confidence in South Paws. I can’t wait to get there…

    1/09/2006 10:08:41 PM

    trueborn said…
    Hope your pooch is Ok Velvet.
    My own dog, well my parents Dog has got cancer or something, it’s like he’s growing a third tail.
    Very disturbing.
    But he’s the best Dog my parents and by proxy our entire family has ever had.
    It sucks.
    Hope everything turns out ok for Sammy

    1/09/2006 10:34:56 PM

    Barbara said…
    Velvet — I’m so, so sorry about Sammy. I know how hard it is to watch an animal suffer, especially when he can’t explain to you exactly what hurts. I do hope they can do more than just give him painkillers. He needs a good diagnosis! I’ve had a lot of experience with weird dog illnesses over the years, so let me know if things don’t work out.

    1/09/2006 11:16:48 PM

    Thomas said…
    Do you know what level of the spine was affected when your dog was ill at 2? What sort of diagnosis was done then? Besides the pain, does your dog seem to have any trouble with balance, recognition, or discoordination? Has the pain been in all 4 limbs consistently, or did it migrate from front to back? Does your pup respond to visual stimuli, name calling, or treats differently? Hope you get this thing figure out… post more info if you’ve got it.

    1/10/2006 12:24:46 AM

    Mandy said…
    Velvet, I’m so sorry to hear about Sammy! As a fellow pet owner, I totally understand that you would do anything to help him get better. I personally love my vet and our family has been going there for over 20 years, but it’s out in Gaithersburg (Gaithersburg Animal Hospital). I’ll be praying for both of you, I can imagine how painful and upsetting this whole episode must be for you.

    1/10/2006 12:30:08 AM

    AsianMistress said…
    Awww baby!!! :(:(

    I can’t stand it when animals are hurt…I couldn’t deal.

    Call me if you need anything. MUAH!

    1/10/2006 12:48:40 AM

    Rhinestone Cowgirl said…
    Velv — I’m so sorry — Poor Sammy! I can’t imagine how hard it must be for you to be seeing him in pain.

    Sending you much love and healing energy for your main man-

    1/10/2006 05:19:58 AM

    DC Cookie said…
    This makes me so sad! Unfortunately, I haven’t had a pet since I was in high school, so I’m really not sure. He’s precious!s

    1/10/2006 10:35:14 AM

    Diet Coke of Evil said…
    I don’t have any advice about South Paws, but I will keep my fingers crossed that everything with Sammy is a-okay, and he just needs a little attention from a specialist.

    I’m sorry you’re going through this, I can tell from reading your blog how much your dogs mean to you. Best of luck!

    1/10/2006 11:19:37 AM

    BB said…
    hope he is ok. Let me know if you need anything. Love Ya! BB

    1/10/2006 12:57:25 PM

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