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Don’t Put Up a Fight You Just Turn Off The Lights and Walk Over Here to Me

Anticipation – foreknowledge, intuition and presentiment. To look forward to with pleasure.

Have you ever known that something was going to happen, yet, you had no idea what circumstances would actually force the event to commence? When you envision this event in your head, what details do you use to help yourself understand what is inevitable? Do you imagine the worst? The best? Somewhere in the middle?

A few months ago, some things happened that ultimately resulted in the temporary closing of my blog. But during those events, I remember describing to someone that I could feel the walls closing in. It was as if every few minutes, something else happened to indicate the path I was on, and I didn’t know the outcome, but I could tell where I was headed. Parts of what happened, I had forecasted way before the simple minds of the parties involved probably even hatched them as ideas. But other parts? I never knew people could sink so low, and do so much bad to someone else for no reason other than plain spite. I continued to be shocked at that elusive thing called “human nature.” Sort of like being in a car going 100 miles an hour, you’re not driving, and you can see out the windshield but you can’t see over the horizon. You see almost everything you hit, but a few things sneak by without you knowing and that clouds the outcome even further.

Let’s change the scenario a tiny bit. What happens when you know the ending event, but you don’t know how you are going to get there. I would guess that if the event is a bad thing, then you would dread the details. My analogy here is a morbid one, but it would be for the people on the September 11th planes. I think they all knew what was going to happen, but didn’t know how they would get there. Would it be fast? Would they fly around for a few hours? Would they be killed one by one? Of the above two scenarios, I can’t say which I prefer – knowing the details or knowing the outcome. But I still maintain that having an event unfold piece by piece is torture. Just give me the news doc. Seriously. I can take it.

Finally, what if you know what is going to happen, and you deem it to be a good, even a great thing. The unfolding of those details that will get you there can be exciting, and yet, somehow anxiety-inducing at the same time. Those unknowns can make you nervous, happy, or put you on the edge of your seat. Those unknowns can elicit the most genuine feeling you have had in months. You may imagine the details, script how they could possibly occur and relish in the pure delight of what you expect to happen, but you will never really know. There always end up being feelings you have that are new and unique to you, that you never anticipated. Those feelings, those unknowns are what I look forward to – the unique and genuine feeling about something just so wonderful remind me that I’m not in control, but my emotions are very much alive. Finally.


  1. Old Lady

    It’s the bugs, yup that’s it – bugs!

  2. Old Lady

    Sorry, couldn’t help myself. Most people think I’m crazy and tell me so when I express my self as you just did. Glad to know I’m not the only one!!!

  3. marie

    Ahhh.. Anticipation..

  4. KM

    So you finally accepted a second date with Bike Boy?

  5. Rosie

    It’s uncanny when you write about things as if you were talking about my own life…

  6. Siryn

    haha KM.

    I have never thought that your emotions were dead. They just cure in your acidic wit.

  7. Shannon

    You’re last paragraph described my situation to a T.

  8. cosmic shambles

    Let me guess… you met another boy.

  9. Raincouver

    Hmmm… did U Street Metrosexual dump his girlfriend for you?

  10. Velvet

    Sniff sniff. You had to bring up the U Street Metrosexual. He’s not the U Street Metro anymore…he moved! Sad!

  11. playfulindc

    Wow. Court date approaching? Apology from said persons?

  12. Velvet

    Please! An apology from someone with a severe personality disorder and a manic whore alcoholic? Doubtful. People with little or no moral character don’t understand how to function in society. That’s why they keep the same barstool warm at the same bar, year after year, fucking the clientele and the help and telling the same stories over and over and over and over.

    Nah. It’s good stuff brewing.

  13. DCVita

    Wow! You are so in tune with yourself and your emotions and that is truly inspiring. Some people go through life without really pondering how they feel at that exact moment. But those feelings, if we stop and really reflect on them, make us so unique and help us grow into more involved human beings- one with our destinies and future.

    (Ok, I really need to stop reading those Paulo Coelho books bc I am starting to sound like a philosophical nut! 🙂

  14. Marci

    FYI – The feed picked you up today, so I did something right.

    Anyway. I am a big fan of anticipation. But the good kind. I am such an impatient person, but if I know it’s gonna be good…I want to stretch it out an relish in every moment.

  15. serena

    Sounds promising ; )

  16. flawless

    Hopefully something good is about to happen to you. What I was relating your description to be like when you are “waiting for the other shoe to drop”. When you know that someone is still not trustworthy but can’t quite put your finger on what is going to happen and can’t give up on them just yet.

  17. I-66

    anticipation: knowing that really good Mexican is going to give you digestive issues ahead of time, but eating it anyway because it’s soooo gooooood.

  18. johnny

    Is this your roundabout way of saying you got laid?

    By a Mr. Hugh G. Rection?


  19. Chuckles

    I love the unknown.

  20. KassyK

    OOh this post made me smile.

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