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Taking My Turn on the Sin Wagon

Some of you may know there was just a post up for an hour or so. I took it down. Something just came to my attention, not of the good variety and I have to figure it out. Let me get my thoughts in order and I’ll get it together again. Sorry.


  1. marie

    damn! i missed it! this is what happens when i make an effort and try to actually get some work done..
    what happened?

  2. Red

    Tease! Hahaha

    Hope everythings ok

  3. I-66

    stupid sin wagon song…

  4. Bill

    Hope you’re OK, Velvet. Take care of yourself first. Let us know what you think we need to later.

  5. Drunken Chud

    ooooh ooooh ooooh! was it a dirty post! was it graphic? it was graphic wasn’t it? i knew it! you dirty dirty girl you. yeah, keep talkin’ like that. just like that. yeah.

    uhh… sorry. overactive imagination. carry on.

  6. Needtsza

    I turn my head for one second….

  7. Law-Rah

    Why is your shit not showing up on my bloglines? WTF?

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