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Merry Christmas Mo Fo’s!

I always knew that the Ross Elementary School here in Dupont Circle had very low test scores. I wonder though, if the Ross “Elemtary” School is faring any better.

How on earth did that sign make it through all those hands and not one person spell checked it? Jesus. Someone wrote in the missing letters. For those of you who know me, the answer is no. It was not me wielding that Sharpie. (If it was, mine would have been in blue.)

Anyway, Sammy pissed on it for you all. Merry Christmas!


  1. Lillith

    Oh that is so very sad.
    I fear for our country’s future!

    Gotta love Sammy.

  2. 6s & 7s

    Tater is my hero. Allthose visits to CASA sixes taught him well. Good boy! I’m sure The Schmoo will perpetrate at your will while in your care.

    And yes that “errer” is just one shining example of how and why DC blows ass.

  3. MA

    But isn’t the job of the company who created the sign to proofread and check that kind of stuff?

    This is the capital of the US, right? Shouldn’t the schools be some of the best?

  4. homeimprovementninja

    You can’t make this stuff up. That’s why Johnny can’t read…because his teacher is a moron.

    Anyway, good for Sammy. That’s why he’s my favorite…oh wait, I can’t say that out loud, right? Well, that and he doesn’t drool like the other one.

  5. sooz

    About 7 years ago, in a similar, but much larger scale, the DC school board, encouraging students to go to class published on the sides of buses all over the city “Go to class, it’ a blast”.

  6. John

    Don’t forget the holiday “lites”. I did a quick search to try to figure out what the sign meant by “lites”, and the only thing I could find was….

    Lites was a Unix-like operating system, based on 4.4BSD and the Mach microkernel. Specifically, Lites was a multi-threaded server and emulation library that provided unix functionality to a Mach based system. At the time of its release Lites provided binary compatibility with 4.4BSD, NetBSD, FreeBSD, 386BSD, UX (4.3BSD) and Linux.
    Lites was originally written by Johannes Helander at Helsinki University of Technology, and was further developed by The Flux Research Group at the University of Utah.

    …is that what they meant?

  7. I-66

    Oooh can I come pee on it too?

  8. jordanbaker

    That reminds me of when my friend who conducts a youth orchestra posted flyers advertising a “Free Concert to the Pubic.”

  9. Velvet

    Lillith – I was shocked they would even hang the sign. I live in a neighborhood with a high population of snarky and highly intelligent gay men. OF COURSE they would catch that.

    Sixes – Bitch! Going to Italy! Bitch! Okay, Got that out of my system now.

    MA – It’s sad that the schools here are so bad. Ross was (according to questionable source CITY PAPER) almost shut down. The City Paper reported in a really long article that a parent on the PTA had wanted to really take the school to new heights and the principal didn’t want to, stating that his white child wasn’t on par with the majority of minority students in the school. Hello oxymoron, 90% of the students are a majority interest but you are calling them a minority…anyway, the principal was supposed to resign b/c she was so bad. But out of spite, she stayed to make the parent’s lives miserable until they all pulled their kids out and went to private schools, then she left. Spite. SPITE! Our educators function out of SPITE! JESUS!!!

    Ninja – Shut. Up.

    Sooz – OMG! That is AWESOME!! You just gave me the laugh of the week. I’m going to google search that for a pic.

    John – And lites isn’t really an abbreviation of “lights.” Ooh, so you saved one letter. Woooo! I don’t get it.

    I66 – Come on down!

  10. barbara

    Maybe the proceeds should go for an improved spelling program. Incredible!

  11. Valley Girl

    So symbolic of the sad state of education.

  12. Drunken Chud

    see, the “lites” caught my eye first. i completely grazed over “elemtary”. i guess it’s like the old, “the rain in in spain falls mainly on the plains”. i know the word they’re trying to say, and my mind just sees what it wants. that being said… WTF? i wuld B imbareassed if my kyd whent 2 taht skool.

  13. Ulysses

    On the plus side, you could probably get a great deal on a tree if they have to calculate your change…

  14. Uncle Keith

    Am I the only one who noticed that Sammy has eyes like the dog in ‘The Omen’? Didn’t the ‘Son of Sam’ killer speak to a demon possessed dog? Am I the only one hearing these voices?

  15. carrie m

    hahahaaa! they couldn’t afford spell check.

    merry christmas, babe!

  16. 6s & 7s

    Italy rocks, FYI.

  17. Not So Little Woman

    Whoohoo!!! Yay Sammy!! Basil woud’ve done the same. Merry Christmas!

  18. JohnnyDC

    WWBBD Velvet?

    Awww yeah!

  19. Drunken Chud

    johnny, he’d make a plan and he’d follow through. that’s what he’d do.

  20. Hangar Queen

    Hmmmmm..your dog IS a splendid chap and should be hired as DC schools superintendent immediately.

    Hi, I’m Devin btw.Popped over from El Guapo’s.

  21. cuff

    I’m the one who fixed the sign back on December 8, and the sign was given for free from a distributor whom I suppose set the text him or herself before delivery. Embarrassing, yes; a commentary on Ross Elementary’s kids, no. I could talk forever about the CityPaper article, but that would bore everyone — let’s just say the school is better off without those particular parents. However, people can repeat all sorts of bs on the internet without checking their facts…

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