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There’s a Magic Running Through Your Soul

I’m back from Dallas. It was a quick trip. I was really only in the city of Dallas for exactly 24 hours. I left Wednesday at the crack of dawn, sans crack which would have been helpful in keeping me awake. I returned this evening. I actually sat next to a good looking guy on the plane, but I was too tired to have my game.

The meeting was a success, not because of anything that occured in the actual meeting, but because I drunkenly convinced my potentially drunk boss to create a blog. Not only did he take ownership of the, (where you can see evidence of our foolish drunkenness) but he also bought the domain name. I’m sure that will be one of those “I’ll regret it in the morning” decisions, but I hope he posts. The stories he tells are freaking hilarious. Imagine my snotty sarcastic sense of humor on red bull, crack with an extra dose of witty and that would be him.

So here we are. My parents called to ensure I was alive and didn’t murder anyone on my trip. CL#2BlueEyes must have been dialing at the same time and the crazy Greeks got through first so CL#2 went STRAIGHT TO VOICEMAIL. And his message was like, “Well, this is a good sign.” I’m not sure what that means – I guess he was either kidding or he was speculating that I was on the plane. I’m beat. I’ll deal with that tomorrow. The way I feel now (physically and emotionally) I don’t want to do anything tomorrow night. Date effectively canceled.

CL#3TextTormenter ain’t going away folks. There was another voicemail from him last night. Whatevs. At this point I could probably just call him and we could morph into friends. It’s obvious we’re not a match. Shit. I have something more important to say.

The piece de la resistance of this quickie post is that I got an email from CL#4NewJersey from his skiing vacation. So exciting. I’m all giddy and shit. Who am I? I don’t get giddy.

Well, there you have it. There should never be speculation on how you feel about someone. When it comes to matters of chemistry, you don’t even have to think about it. It’s strong enough to tell you directly.

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  1. Velvet

    AsianMistress said…
    God you’re giddy. I can’t deal.


    2/09/2006 11:18:40 PM

    Siryn said…
    Giddy is good.

    2/09/2006 11:41:58 PM

    Rhinestone Cowgirl said…
    Yay! I LOVE giddy. 🙂

    2/10/2006 07:40:53 AM

    Washington Cube said…
    Velvet is “giddy.” Let’s blog about this. JOKING. Giddy is…well..wonderful, yes? I’ll go over and check out the boss blog. Love the title, already.

    2/10/2006 07:43:30 AM

    I-66 said…
    Maybe THAT’S the problem… I didn’t do well in Chemistry class.

    2/10/2006 08:18:13 AM

    Larissa said…
    wooohoo! that’s great.

    2/10/2006 08:51:19 AM

    Kristin said…
    Heading over to NameTheStain. Glad you’re giddy.

    2/10/2006 09:19:29 AM

    always write said…
    Giddyup. And may you ride off into the sunset.

    2/10/2006 11:13:41 AM

    playfulindc said…
    Do a little dance…

    2/10/2006 12:36:49 PM

    I-66 said…
    Make a little love…

    2/10/2006 01:33:09 PM

    Washington Cube said…
    Get down tonight…

    2/10/2006 04:31:30 PM

    Mandy said…
    Oh, I know that feeling – hurrah for being giddy! But seriously, what is up with TextTormentor? Take the freaking hint, Buddy. I hate when that happens – the worst is when you’ve said, point blank, that you don’t think continued contact is a good idea, and they try to get you to change your mind. I can’t remember if you’ve explicitly given him the boot…but it might be time to pull out the big guns…

    2/11/2006 05:00:08 AM

    ryguy9296 said…
    Lurked over from Namaste’s new domain. I like what I see here, Velvet. Keep up the good work.


    Democracy Exporter

    2/11/2006 05:32:01 AM

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