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Help Barkley Find a Home!

Steadily alternating posts between boys and dogs here at Velvet in Dupont. Though, back in the heyday of my dating, it certainly was hard to tell the difference between the men I dated and dogs. Oh, wait, no it wasn’t. Dogs are loyal. Ha. I kill me.

In Esther news, I did see her last night at the dog park and she is doing well. Angus was her life, and she said she has had some very rough times, but she is getting through it. And all your well wishes helped too, so thank you for that.

Other doggie news ~ Barkley needs a home. My friend Giggles has found out that a friend of his has a dog who, due to a change in living arrangements, is now homeless. Because the dog is a pit bull, any shelter that takes the dog will immediately put it down. Remember, there are no bad dogs, only bad owners. Pits got a very undeserved reputation because of the people who bought and bred them. Barkley is 18 months, housebroken and all shots and meds are taken care of. If you are interested in meeting him, please email me at velvetindupont at yahoo and I can get you in touch with Jackie. Here are some pictures!! And no, that’s not me in the pics.



  1. Meghan

    OMG! How adorable.
    Now I wish I was closer to DC.

  2. I-66

    …is that a thermometer?

    Pits do often get a bad rap, but the few I’ve met have been extremely well-trained and well-behaved.

    I know that’s not you. I don’t think I see you in pink.

  3. Laura

    Your friend might also try looking into breed-specific rescue groups… check out
    for starters.

  4. Pagan Marbury

    Oh, when I saw your headline I was so hoping he was a beagle or something. My 12 year old neighbor wants a dog so badly, but I wouldn’t want him to take on the responsibility of a pit. I think Laura had some good suggestions. There are people out there who know how to love a pit bull properly.

  5. carrie m

    I would also suggest Lost Dog and Cat Rescue – they are a no kill and have had several pits. Lost Dog is where my Misty Moo is from, and they are wonderful. They have a whole doggie farm out in VA for all the furry friends.

  6. marie

    Oh.. Barkley reminds me of a pit I had growing up.
    So, so cute.

  7. suicide_blond

    damn… the down side of traveling so much..
    as muchhhhh as i want one… i just cant do it to em! 🙁 bark is sooo cute im sure a new home will pop up for him…

  8. LMNt

    I really really wish my landlord was pet friendly.

    That said, I second Carrie M’s recommendation of Lost Dog Rescue. I do some volunteer work for them on occasion, and they’re absolutely amazing. They’re also vehemently no-kill. They’ll find him a home and he’ll live on their doggy farm or with a foster family until then.

  9. Erika

    I wish he were older. My dog is still grieving from her brother’s death last month (so am I). I need to get her a new friend but she’s a senior dog and wouldn’t want to be around a young pup.

  10. Pagan Marbury

    Velvet, this article was in Slate today (Why People Love Dogs>). I thought all your doggie readers would enjoy it.

  11. beaker

    awwww…good luck little puppy!

    Sorry I can’t take one on right now

  12. Tacoma!

    UNFAIR!!! Those pictures are too cute! Somebody, please (somebody perfect) adopt that sweetie.

  13. CrazyGirl

    We are looking at getting a new dog for Molly to play with. How is he with other dogs?

  14. Not So Little Woman

    I agree with Tacoma! If my house wasn’t in NY and already bursting with two pooches, I’d do it!!

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